40k 8th Edition: Players Need the Rules Back in One Place

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It’s only been just over a year since 8th Edition came out, but now we’ve got multiple FAQs and books under our belt, we need all of our rules in one place.

Games Workshop has been working hard trying to balance the game by changing mechanics in FAQs and point values in Chapter Approved. Players are having to pull old information from different all kinds of past updates. Let’s re-simplify things.

40k 8th Edition: Players Need the Rules Back in One Place

8th edition chart 40k 8th Edition: Players Need the Rules Back in One Place

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Maybe you forgot about all of the past updates to the game. This chart isn’t a joke. There have been enough updates to practically make the basic 8th edition rules not worth reading.

Disclaimer: You may have no problem playing games of 40k even after all of the updates and that’s fantastic! But we still have to think about new to casual level players just getting into 40k. 8th Edition has been regarded as “the easiest edition to get into.” New players are trickling into the Warhammer hobby daily.

If a new player got their hands on a rulebook and managed to get a basic understanding of list-building on their own, then goes into a hobby shop only to get bombarded by three different answers on certain questions, will he be confused and turned off to the game. Would you…?

What Should GW Do?

RUMORS: Chapter Approved 2018 Points Changes & More

We think GW should gather up all of the CURRENT information from past updates, codexes, indexes, etc, and throw them into one place so a new player can buy one book and have everything at his fingertips. Hopefully, Chapter Approved does exactly that.

There have already been rumors popping up about point changes and a few faction mechanics being altered in the book. However, until we actually get our hands on the book, we won’t know for sure.

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With that being said, Veterans of the game could still get full value out of a book that has all of the current rules in one place. Even though 8th Edition has had a ton of books hit the shelves that we “needed” (index, basic rulebook, chapter approved 2017, codex, etc, etc) a hub of collective current rules would be perfect.

GW could even try making a live Faq forum for players all around the world to post questions. Questions could get answered constantly and they could post FAQ changes there! It would keep the hobby cheaper and in return, fans happier.

Bottom line is players shouldn’t have to go to 5 different sources and pick apart tidbits of current info to stay updated. That was so… 7th edition.

What do you think about all the changes in 8th Edition? Would you like to have one piece of material with all the current updates in it?

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