40k’s Ork Codex Speed Mob Rule REVEALED

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orks speed freeks speedwaaagh

Kick the tires and light the fires as Ork Speedwaaagh! armies may have just gotten better with the new Speed Mob rule that was just revealed.

Judging by the response to the new Speed Freek buggy rules, it seems like a lot of hobbyists may have missed GW’s Codex Ork preview that was hidden in plain sight. We put it all together below to try to get the best buggy build possible.

40k’s Ork Codex Speed Mob Rule REVEALED

UPDATE: The Ork Speed Mob rule has been revealed, and we run down how it interacts with the new buggies.

KiritothTV on Youtube posted a video saying that an Ork codex playtester contacted him and showed him the stats of the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy. Everything sounds legit so far, but remember to take everything with a grain of salt that doesn’t come directly from the game developers themselves.

rukkatrukk squigbuggy Mysterious Ork Vehicle is Finally REVEALED More Speed Freeks 40k Vehicle Rules Are Here!

rukkatrukk stats 1

Let’s go over these rumored stats first. Even though the gun is called the “heavy” squig launcher, it’s actually an assault. You’ll always be hitting on 4’s with this weapon unless you advance. As far as the gun’s stats go:

  • Bile Squig: Decent because you’re more likely to wound a vehicle. However, anything with a decent save shouldn’t be too worried because it’s just AP 0.
  • Bitey Squig: This thing wrecks infantry, especially Terminators. The only thing that’s rough is the two-shot profile.
  • Boom Squig: Probably the best profile of all the weapons. 2D3 shots at decent strength and damage. the -1 AP is also pretty big. It’s almost like an assault Battle Cannon.

Side note: The dakka element is still strong on this model. you can shoot the Squig launcher as well as have the dude sitting in the passenger seat throw grenades and pop people with his pump-shotty.

This is definitely a harasser-type vehicle. It’s going to be picking on the guys on foot. It’s not the fastest vehicle in the world but can still dish out the pain hitting on 4s in both shooting and combat.  With nine wounds, it won’t degrade either.

rukkatrukk stats 2

Looking at its rules, we have no idea what Dakka Dakka or Speed Mob do so we’ll have to check on that later. Luckily, the Grot gunner adds 1 to the BS (moving from 5+ to a 4+).

You’ve also got a “once per game” ability that lets you drop a Squig mine on the battlefield within 1″ of the model. If anyone moves within three inches of it, there’s a potential of dishing out three mortal wounds.

Remember, these stats aren’t confirmed but at least we’ve been given something we can digest and break down.

Kustom Boosta-Blasta Rules Spotted

Spotted floating around the internet, we’ve got some 40k rules for the Kustom Boosta-Blasta and Shokkjump Dragsta! Take a look at them both and tell us what your favorite is!

kustom boomblasta

kustom boomblasta rules

Starting off, it’s got the same basic statline as the rumors above from Kirioth. However, this thing looks like it’s meant to barrel into the enemy and cause as much destruction as it can up close.

  • Burna Exhaust is a D3 flamer and the Kustom Boosta-blasta has four of them. Yes, that’s 4d3 auto hits at 8″!
  • The Rivet Kannon is the money maker of the whole operation. It’s a six-shot super autocannon that hits on 5’s. Imagine taking a squad of three…That’s 18 shots, combo it with the rumored Clan and confirmed Dakka, Dakka, Dakka rules and you may have a winner!
  • Spiked Ram encourages the player to make charges just to cause mortal wounds. Doing D3 mortal wounds on a 4+ isn’t too shabby. You could finish off a Baneblade in one Hail Mary charge.

As this is the first actual look at the rules for Speed Freeks vehicles, the Kustom Boosta-Blasta seems like it’s going to be able to dish out some infantry/light armor shredding firepower.

Shokkjump Dragsta Rules Spotted


shockjump dragsta

The Dragsta’s got some nasty stats for itself as well. So far, this is the fastest vehicle we’ve seen and rightfully so. As far as wargear goes:

  • Kustom Shokk Rifle is a two-shot Shokk attack gun. It’s just better in every way starting with hitting on 3’s. The stats are stable and don’t change. Plus, on a wound roll of a 6+, it’s an automatic mortal wound.
  • The Rokkit Launcha isn’t bad either essentially being a one-shot Stormstrike missile launcher off of a Stormraven.
  • Saw blades help it out in combat so it can’t be stopped up. This is one of the vehicles you want to keep out of harm’s way to blast “top of the line” Mekk technology at your foes.

What makes this vehicle so unique besides its weapons are its rules. It’s got a Shokk tunnel it can warp into when you roll a 4+ to advance. It essentially lets you re-deepstrike 9″ away from any enemy models.

Lastly, this vehicle has the best BS so far. It hits on a 5+ base. But the Grot Gunner and targetting Squig add two to the hit rolls for the Shokk Rifle. You’ll be hitting on a 3+ with a gun that does mortal wounds. WHAT?

Now couple all that in with the revised Dakka, Dakka, Dakka rule GW previewed recently and these buggies may have some real potential on the table top:

Previously seen as a Stratagem in Chapter Approved 2017, we’ve added this as a special rule on EVERY Orks unit that works ALL the time. You’ll never, ever hit on worse than a 6 – and you’ll get an extra shooting attack for free when you do so. If you believe in yourself, you can hit anything…

dakka, dakka, dakka

Remember, before this rule only applied to bikers and infantry. Now you can use it with vehicles, and perhaps, more importantly, artillery, which is really huge. Pair it with the rumored reroll Bad Moons clan rule (which these buggies have Orks <Clan>) and you could be looking at some pretty effective shooting.

bad moonsHitting on 5’s re-rolling ones with 6’s automatically netting more shots could be pretty good for the Rivet Kannon now, and that’s without knowing any potential vehicle stratagems that may be coming in the Codex book.

The Shokk rifle could now potentially hit on 3’s re-rolling 1’s and on 6’s gets an extra hit opportunity that could also do mortal wounds as well!

orks speed freeks speedwaaagh

The Speed Mob rule was just revealed by KiriothTV to be the following:

Speed Mob: The first time this unit is set up on the battlefield, all of its models must be placed within 6”s of at least one other model from the unit. From that point onward, each model operates independently and is treated as a separate unit for all rules purposes.

So you can cram even more mobs into your Speedwaaagh! at the Fast Attack slot with this new rule!

Which vehicle seems the strongest to you? Are you impressed with what the Orks may be getting now?

Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby group. 

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