Army Showcase: A Titan You Can Smell a Mile Away

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nurgle titan 1

Nothing can escape the clutches of Nurgle. This Porphyrion is in today’s showcase so let’s take a look at what Papa Nurgle did to this Warmachine.

Courtesy of Joe Dolan, This Porphyrion has been a working project for five months. Take a look at this work of art. Maybe it’ll inspire you to pimp out your models in devotion to your favorite chaos god.

Army Showcase: A Titan You Can Smell a Mile Away

nurgle titan 2

Could you imagine how scary a Porphyrion with a Disgustingly Resilient role would be? This behemoth would be able to walk through almost any kind of firepower and spread Nurgles “love”. Of Course, this Titan wouldn’t be Nurgly if it didn’t have some massive growth on it. The Feculent Gnarlmaw does the job just right. It’s got a seamless transition into the armor plating of the Titan too.nurgle titan 3

While assembling a few Feculent Gnarlmaws for my Maggotkin army, it just clicked. I pulled out the Porphyrion Carapace, held the Gnarlmaw up to it and the size looked good! The following work it took to shape the tree, is not something I would ever want to do again, but it was well worth it!

nurgle titan 5


What better way to show daemonic possession than to have bloated flesh tearing through the armor plates of what should be a mechanical being? The most common question I get is, “Is that all green stuff?” Which yes, it is green stuff, but it isn’t solid. Using sculpting putty, I made replicas of parts of the Great Unclean one, and several other models out of green stuff. I wrapped them around the leg of the knight, and then sculpted them together.

nurgle titan 6


nurgle titan 4

In case you were wondering what happened to the pilot of the Titan…He’s still hanging in there.

This conversion is most definitely fresh and kudos to the creator for using a Forge World model. We don’t really see those too often in the community! What’s your favorite part about this model?

Have you converted a model to pay homage to one of the four Chaos gods? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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