Balanced At Last? 40k Kill Team Commanders Rules

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Don’t miss the latest edition of the hottest new skirmish game to hit the tabletop scene as we take a look at the new Kill Team Commanders Rules.

Kill Team clubs and leagues are growing across the globe. This fast-paced skirmish game has been a hit for Games Workshop and they have now released their Commanders Expansion.

Let’s dive into the Kill Team Commanders Rules Expansion and see if it is worth the price so you can vote with your hobby dollars.

Kill Team: Commanders Expansion Set: $60

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Along with the comprehensive book of rules, there is included a set of cards and tokens for use with Commanders:

– 33 Universal Commander Tactics cards, acting as a handy reference for the Specialist Tactics from the book
– 7 cards covering the psychic powers from the book, along with Psybolt from the Kill Team Core Manual
– 20 blank Commander datacards, featuring space in which to record the name, characteristics, weapons, abilities, specialisms, demeanours, levels and injuries of your Commanders
– A double-sided Commander token sheet, containing a move/charge token, a fall back/advance token, a ready/shoot token, 6 Aura Tactic/Psychic Power tokens, 3 wound tokens, and 3 objective tokens.

This new expansion marks the first Rules expansion for Kill-Team and these optional rules allow you to add a battle-hardened leader to your games of Kill Team games.


First up we get a look at the brand new rulebook for Kill Team Commanders. This book is chalked full of rules almost  100 pages of rules for your games including new Commander Tactics, Abilities, and Psychic Powers as seen above.


With over 40 Commanders to choose from there is a lot of tactical options that are available for you to add to your kill team roster that each brings something new to the tabletop like new Aura Tactics to buff your fighters.

Commanders don’t gain experience like other units, they “level up”.  Also, the missions are what allow you to take a commander (Narrative and Matched play). They give you new points levels to utilize these new heroes etc. These start on page 108!


All together we think this new box set from Games Workshop brings some new strategies and Tactics to your games of Kill Team without breaking the game system.

As always, makes sure you keep those hobby muscles strong, stay in the trenches and check out our Kill Team Commanders Expansion unboxing below!


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