Forget Walking, Kromlech’s Kopta Kan Soars for Orktober!

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kopta kan

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a Kopta Kan? It’s the mighty power of Orky belief and the fearsome Kopta Kan! Check this kit out.

Kromlech kicked off last year’s Orktober with their Kopta Kan! This resin multi-part kit would be a great addition to any orc-based army as a centerpiece or a cool looking support unit. Forget Walking, Kromlech's Kopta Kan Soars for Orktober!

Forget Walking, Kromlech’s Kopta Kan Soars for Orktober!

The main body has a spot for two different weapon options on the front and has great details such as cobbled on plates, valves, hoses, lights, and iconography. It’s weapons are a little machine gun or a set of rockets, with landing skids that lock into a piece underneath.

The main rotor has four blades that attach to the top and can be positioned however you desire for the most part. There are two different sizes of flying stands, to give options on height off the table, which both attach to a 40mm base.

This set contains one high quality resin multi part model of Kopta Kan. Inside you will find parts for front mounted rocket launcher or twin heavy machine gun and two mechanical arms, one with big bomb and the other with buzzsaw. One 40mm round plastic base and two Kromlech flying pegs included. Designed for 28mm heroic scale.

Putting the model together, the result is fantastic and would be a great addition for any Ork army. The assembly here was left with a few detachable pieces for easy painting and weathering later. The ball socket on the stand allows the model to be positioned as desired as well, for great posing on the tabletop.

This Kopta kan has just the right amount of detail and would be great for any hobbyist to paint up. From paints to great weathering techniques, bringing this model to life even more than Kromlech has would be easy with this fantastic sculpt.

Kopta Kan €19,99

The model itself is overall fantastic and ships fairly quickly after ordering. For more orc-tastic options available, check out Kromlech’s online store.

To see the entire unboxing and review, press play on the video below!

Model provided for promotion and review

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