Kabuki Studio Has a Primarch Bundle Deal For You!

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KAbuki Bundle

If you love Primarchs, you won’t want to miss Kabuki Studio’s Celestial Host big bundle deal. Take a look at this exciting deal on their latest minis.

Kabuki Studios has always been a great place to score some top-quality miniatures for a fair price. They also combine some of their most popular minis into affordable bundles like this one!

Celestial Host bundle: 155,00 €

KAbuki Bundle

This bundle contains 4 Knights Of Legend of your choice among:
1 KUBL01b Lion Knight
1 KUBL02b Phoenix Knight
1 KUBL13   Celtic Knight
1 KUBL16   Hydra Knight
1 KUBL17   Ghost Knight
1 KUBL18   Angel Knight
1 KUBL20b Celestial Knight

You may choose also the same model multiple times

These 4 models are worth of 205euro but you are paying them only 155euro, that one Knight is FREE!!!

Of course, you can purchase these great looking miniatures individually but, a free mini of this quality is not something that you see every day.

Make sure you visit Kabuki Studio and see all the bundle deals and great looking miniatures that they have to offer.

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