Shara Is My Bey: Arc-170 Build For X-Wing 2.0

By Barclay Montgomery | March 20th, 2019 | Categories: Star Wars Tactics, X-Wing 2.0

Shara Bey is piloting her ARC-170 into the heart of the battle in X-Wing 2.0 and she is packing a full crew! Keep the pressure on with this flying fortress.

Shara Is My Bey: Arc-170 Build For X-Wing 2.0

Shara Is My Bey: Arc-170 Build For X-Wing 2.0

Shara is my Bey, and she can be yours too in X-Wing 2.0! Piloting an ARC-170 into the heart of the Imperial swarm, Shara can take advantage of her forward and rear primary arcs. Shara can also take advantage of locks that she has, being able to spend 1 lock on an enemy ship to add 1 focus result to your dice results while defending or attacking. This will come in handy with out upgrade suite. 

Since Shara depends on her locks more than just for rerolls, Magva Yarro can help. After you defend, if the attack hit, you may acquire a lock on the attacker. This allows Shara to acquire the lock that she needs to allows for her focus die, and can set her up for her counter attack. But what if you already have a lock on another ship?

The R3 Astromech has you covered. This little upgrade allows you to maintain up to 2 locks, but each lock must be on a different object. This allows you to grab 2 locks whenever you perform a lock action, so grab the ones against your primary targets for Shara.

Now that we have all the locks we need, we can get Shara and her Veteran Tail Gunner into the thick of the fighting. After you perform a primary forward arc attack, you may perform a bonus primary rear attack. This can allow Shara to blast 2 separate targets in her forward and rear arcs in a single Engagement Phase. If she has both of those ships locked, they are in for a world of hurt!

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