Slaanesh & Khorne Units GW Should Update

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GW has a habit of putting factions on the backburner, with Marines always getting the cool toys.  Here are our ideas on some updates for Chaos!

Believe it or not, there are a lot of Khorne and Slaanesh fans out there. We don’t really see their models on the tabletop because they hardly have any support. Someone getting into Warhammer may love Slaanesh and the lore behind him.

Slaanesh & Khorne Units GW Should Update

But, because Emperor’s Children are extremely unsupported and there aren’t any named Daemons that follow Slaanesh, they choose one of the more supported factions.

1. Named Characters & More Units

Slaanesh Wal Hor Slaanesh & Khorne Units GW Should Update

How cool would it be to see a named Daemonette? Or at least some more Daemon units to choose from? Khorne is in the same boat. Nurgle has all the Sloppity Bilepipers, Horticulus Slimux, Feculant Gnarlmaws and more. Tzeentch doesn’t have quite the amount of Daemons to choose from as Nurgle. But when you compare Tzeentch to the other two Chaos gods, he beats them by a landslide.

Khorne and Slaanesh both feel like very point-and-click armies. You either spam Daemonettes and Chariots, or spam Bloodletters and Flesh hounds (because that’s all you have). Then you rush at the enemy and hope your overlooked army can pull through.

We want to see more love for the other 50% of the Warp!

2. Updated Daemon Princes

nurgle DP

Please explain why there is a Nurgle Daemon Prince (that can take wings but doesn’t come with any) yet no other god-specific Prince models out there? With the Warp/Chaos being a majority of the Warhammer universe, you’d think there would be more focus put on these guys.

For everyone else that isn’t Nurgle, we have to make do with the generic Daemon. While they do look good, it’s hard to customize them too much and give them the extra flare that the Nurgle Daemon Prince comes with.

3.New Noise Marine Models

Noise Marines have to easily be one of the coolest units in 40k. They are marines that shoot literal sound at things to kill it. When you imagine all the punishment that a Space Marine can take in the lore, and then imagine them being able to die by sound getting shot at them, that puts things into perspective on how powerful those bass blasts are.

Sadly, GW hasn’t looked at them in who knows how long. You can still find some old models on sites like eBay or go to grab some alternative bits, but it’s such a hassle to try and piece them all together. You’ll end up having to check multiple sites, splice bits together, and so on. If GW made a single box of Noise Marines, hobbyists would eat them up like candy.

4. New Khorne Berzerker Models



These boys need an update like no other. the worst part is, they didn’t get touched when they came out with the new Kharn model…


Kharn was given this sweet new model and Khorne Berzerkers were left in the dust with their goofy skull helmets and buck teeth. On behalf of all World Eaters fans out there, please give these guys some love. At the end of the day, the bread and butter of a World Eaters army are the Berzerkers and Kharn.

GW is sitting on an untouched gold mine. There are so many Khorne/Slaanesh fans out there that want to play the army, but they know that getting amped about an army that has hardly any support is short-lived. For now, we have to sit with fingers crossed and hope that they get their own Codex sometime in the future. With a Codex comes more support.

What do you think GW should update next? Would you play Khorne or Slaanesh? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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