Talzin’s Commandos: Star Wars Destiny

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Mother Talzin

Mother Talzin has some Mandalorian muscle to help her take on the Heroes in Star Wars Destiny. Get those upgrades blasting off with Dark Magick!

Mother Talzin

Mother Talzin is a fantastic utility character in Destiny right now. Being able to manipulate dice at will, Talzin can get your dice just where you need them to be. Her ranged attack sides can boost your attack potential by focusing on ranged based characters, which is just what she is doing with this deck by having 2 Mandalorian Super Commandos as her companions. Mandaldrian Super Commando

The Mandalorian Commandos are great cheap characters that can push out a surprising amount of damage, both with their character dice and Power Actions. When you play an equipment or weapon from your hand on a Commando, you may deal 1 damage to a character. These little pop shots can add up when you combine cheap upgrades in your deck.Armor Plating

Armor Plating is a great cheap upgrade that can get your Commandos where they need to be. By boosting defenses by being able to block 2 damage, this can extend their 9 health, and can also result in a 1 damage ping whenever you equip it. A great Power Action that adds defense and deals damage. Mandaldrian Vambraces

The upgrade made for Commandos is Mandalorian Vambraces. Having no blank sides, and a bevy of options for your rolls, Vambraces will kick the Commandos into overdirve with its action ability. You may return this upgrade from play to its owners hand. This can allow you to continue to pop off the Commando Power Action each turn! Triple Threat

A great card to go with this powerful team is Triple Threat. Not only does it allow for Talzin witch magicks by costing an odd number, it also allows you to reroll 3 character dice, then turn 1 of them to any side. This deck will have insane die manipulation a reroll potential, all the while having access to strong ranged damage and free damage pinging. A fantastic new Villain deck to try out in Destiny!

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