What To Buy Next: 40k Kill Team Wave 4

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Don’t miss the latest Kill Team releases this week from Games Workshop as we break down their hobby values!

This week GW gives us two new Kill Team Expansions and a new Kill Zone release.

We are going to break down what you get inside of the new Advance Team Starpulse – T’au Empire Starter, The Exalted Scythe – Necrons Starter and the Killzone: Wall of Martyrs Environment Expansion so you can see which one holds more value and so you can decide where to best spend your hobby dollars.

What To Buy Next: 40k Kill Team Wave 4

What To Buy Next: 40k Kill Team Wave 4

Necron KillTeam

First, out of the gate, we get a look at The Exalted Scyth Necron Starter. This set is $60 from GW and comes with an Immortal / Deathmarks squad of 5 miniatures and two sprues of the Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defence Line. Not to mention all the sweet Necron Tactics cards, an overall value of roughly $74.


Next, we get to crack into the new Advance Team Starpulse – T’au Empire Starter This starter also comes in at a $60 retail price tag but this starter has a little more value as far as miniatures go for your hobby dollars.

It Comes with a box of Firewarriors and 2 sprues of the Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defence Line. As well as some sweet looking tokens for your Tau Kill Team.

This box carries an overall value of around $92.


Last, but not least, in our Kill Team Wave 4 video below Rob goes over everything you get inside of the Wall of Martyrs Environment ExpansionThis Kill Zone has a fair value, $80 retail when all said and done you-you are looking at around $100 in value for the terrain in this set.

That’s it for this week’s releases. Which one are you most excited to add to your collection?

Let us know in our Hobbies Facebook Group, and be sure to check out our Kill Team unboxing video below.


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