Winter Is Coming With Game of Thrones Catan

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Don’t miss the latest iteration of the classic Catan board game, where none of your favorite characters are safe; the Game of Thrones Edition.

GoT Catan takes all that you love about the Game of Thrones franchise and packs it into the world of Catan.

A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch:  $79.95

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You Are the Shield Against the Darkness…

The Brotherhood of the Night’s Watch recognize you as a natural leader. You oversee the day-to-day duties of a small cadre of brothers. You must ensure that the defenses of the Wall are properly manned. By insuring a steady supply of resources from your small settlements and keeps in the Gift, you help maintain the Night’s Watch. By assigning brethren as wall guards, you insure that he wildlings cannot invade the Gift.

But beware! Wildings appear in greater numbers. They muster, always seeking to breach the Wall. Can your guards stay them? Can they resist the giants among these hordes? Do your job well. Protect the Gift. Become the new Lord Commander.

128 Player Pieces. Each Player has:
‣ 5 Settlements
‣ 4 Keeps
‣ 7 Guards
‣ 15 Roads
‣ 1 Build Cost Card

40 Wildling Pieces
‣ 24 Regulars
‣ 8 Climbers
‣ 8 Giants

48 Wildling Tokens
95 Resource Cards
27 Development Cards
11 Hero Cards
1 Game Board
‣ 6 Frame Parts
‣ 21 Terrain Tiles
‣ 21 Number Tokens
‣ 5 Trading Posts

2 Six-sided Dice
1 Twelve-side Die
4 Large Plastic Wall Sections
2 Card Trays
1 Special Number Token
1 Basic Rules Booklet
1 Rules Reference Book

Manage your resources and fend off would be betrayers as seek to raise your status in these forsaken lands.

A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch – 5-6 Player Extension: $49.95

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New Heroes Rise to Face a Large Threat…

The great forests of the north hide many mysteries, and wildlings have many surprises. Mammoths come lumbering toward the Wall, driven by the wildling hordes. These huge beasts are fierce and tenacious brutes. When they charge they cause chaos, and people scatter!

New heroes have come to the north. Can you enlist their aid to further your goal of becoming the next Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch?

This expansion allows you to include two additional players. More competitors means that your victory will be all the more sweet.

60 Player Pieces. Each Player has:
‣ 5 Settlements
‣ 4 Keeps
‣ 7 Guards
‣ 14 Roads

8 Wildling Pieces
‣ 8 Fierce Mammoths
‣ 48 Wildling Tokens

25 Resource Cards
9 Development Cards
4 New Hero Cards
4 Frame Pieces
8 Terrain Hexes
8 Number Tokens
2 Trade Route Markers
2 Large Wall Sections
2 Build Cost Cards
1 Trade Reminder Marker
1 Rules Booklet

Game of Thrones brings a new aspect to this classic game of resource management. Make sure you secure your copy and ad GoT Catan to your collection today!

About the Author: Tim Roberts

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