Airbrushing 101: Quick Tips & Tricks Rundown

By Barclay Montgomery | January 29th, 2019 | Categories: Airbrushing, How To Tutorial, Videos

airbrush top wal It can get a little difficult trying to pick the right airbrush for painting miniatures today. From cheap to expensive, here is my list of the Top 5 best airbrushes over the past 10 years.

Pay attention, class! Don’t miss some great airbrushing tips and tricks from one of the best out there: Jack of Clubs Painting!

Jack of Clubs is bringing you a different sort of tutorial about airbrushing and all the tips and tricks for using them. Maybe you’re on the fence about getting an airbrush or you may have just purchased one yourself and have no idea how it works.

In this impromptu and laid back video Jack of Clubs discusses the best airbrushes to use, techniques to get the most from your hobby, and supplies you will need to airbrush just like the pros.

Airbrushing 101: Quick Tips & Tricks Rundown

What Airbrush Do You Use?

A common question people have for Jack of Clubs is, “which type of airbrush does he use?” Jack uses different airbrushes in his painting. His workhorse and super tough airbrush is a Badger Patriot 105. This airbrush never has any maintenance issues and is frequently used for beginner airbrushing, getting the basics down easily. The Badger Patriot 105 is fantastic for priming your models or getting batch paints done.

A Badger Sotar 20/20 airbrush is the airbrush that he prefers to use the most right now for more small detail painting.

jack of clubs

Cleaning Your Brush

When Jack is painting and he needs to clean his airbrush after a long day of painting, Tamiya Acrylic Paint X-20A Thinner is the way to go. The Tamiya X-20A is preferably used for cleaning your airbrush as you will want to never mix paint and paint thinner. The Tamiya X-20A Thinner helps get the last paint particle out of the recesses of your airbrush.

jack of clubs


Another key item to have when you are airbrushing is an air hose. This braided hose is from Grex and has lasted years of use. A quick disconnect coupler and a PSI dial are also important. Jack keeps his compressor at around 22 PSI and his compressor dial helps him control how much air comes into his airbrush. This makes it way easier than actively changing your pressure from the compressor itself.

jack of clubs

Finally, getting your models painted requires a good mount, such as cork or rubber stoppers. Jack prefers the rubber stoppers because you can stick a paperclip into the rubber instead of ripping out chunks of cork every time you add or remove a paperclip. A solid mount helps you get those models painted well with your airbrush. Watch the whole video and use these techniques to improve your own airbrushing!

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