Cheat Codes: Paint Flight Stand Bases Without a Mess!

By Barclay Montgomery | January 22nd, 2019 | Categories: Basing, How To Tutorial


Painting those clear flying bases can be super tricky, but not with this cheat code! Come and learn a super easy technique for painting flying bases.

White Metal Games is bringing you another hot cheat code on how to hobby your models. This episode details the techniques used to paint flying stand bases, without any mess! This technique will even utilize basic and cheap tools to get your hobby looking fresh!

painting flying bases

Ever wanted to know how to paint your miniatures with flying bases without getting paint on the flying stand? Just use a bendy straw to cover up the stand! This technique can be used on the flying bases of Jetbikes or Assault Marines and can be very useful in keeping your models neat, especially when using an airbrush.

painting flying bases

Grab your flying stand base and a bendy straw and let’s get to work! Cut the bendy straw to the desired length of your flying stand and place it over it. If your straw won’t reach the flying stand base, just cut the straw at a bevel to fit over until it covers all the way down to the base.

This technique also works on flight stands for smaller models, like Tau Drones.

painting flying bases

Once you have your straw in place over your flight stand, start painting! You won’t have to worry about getting paint on your flying base stand since your straw will cover it. After you have painted the flying stand, you can paint your model separately so you don’t accidentally mix your paints.

After priming on your flying stand base, just leave the straw on for your base coats and shading. Stay tuned for more awesome hobby cheat codes from White Metal Games here on Spikey Bits!

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