Hotshot Sullustan: X-Wing 2.0 Build

By Barclay Montgomery | March 20th, 2019 | Categories: Star Wars Tactics, X-Wing 2.0


This hotshot pilot has been around since the battle of Endor and he is ready to bring the fight to the First Order in X-Wing 2.0!

Nien Nunb

Nien Nunb is pushing it to the limit with his new version in X-Wing 2.0. This hotshot Sullustan is piloting a T-70 X-Wing and has an ability to shrug off stress tokens if he has an enemy ship in his front arc at range 0-1. This means that he can face his enemies down without worrying about losing out on action potential.

Pattern Analyzer

Nien Nub’s stress ability can help him perform red maneuvers more frequently, giving him a maneuverability advantage. With his propensity to perform red maneuvers, it can help to have a Pattern analyzer on his ship. This tech upgrade allows you to check pilot stress after you perform a red maneuver, giving you the ability to get an action in before getting that stress token. Even better if your maneuver brings you within range 0-1 of an enemy in your front arc! 

Once you have your enemy trapped in your front arc, and at range 1, use Predator to make your attacks count. This elite upgrade allows you to reroll 1 attack die if your target is in your bullseye firing arc. This can leave an enemy ship vulnerable, and at initiative 5, Nien Nunb will more than likely be able to attack after your other ships. BB Astromech

Since Nien Nunb will be pushing his red maneuvers, he will need to perform some blue maneuvers to clean some stress if he can’t catch an enemy in his forward arc. A BB Astromech will help him out here. Before he performs a blue maneuver, the BB unit will allow Nien to spend 1 charge to execute a barrel roll. This can open up more options for his T-70 to get in close and clear his upcoming stress.

Integrated S-foils (Closed)

Integrated S-Foils is another great option for any T-70 pilot. This configuration adds the barrel roll and a focus to barrel roll chained action. Also, when performing an attack, if your enemy is not in your bullseye firing arc, you must roll 1 less attack die. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem and if you do happen to catch your enemy in your bullseye arc, you’ll have Predator waiting for them!

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