IG-88 Takes Flight Again: X-Wing 2.0 List

By Barclay Montgomery | March 20th, 2019 | Categories: Star Wars Tactics, X-Wing 2.0


The notorious bounty hunter droid IG-88 is sneaking into the battle-space of X-Wing 2.0 with his combined droid might. No Rebel is safe!


The fearsome assassin droid known as IG-88 has many variants, and he is as deadly as ever in X-Wing 2.0. Able to combine their droid intelligence by sharing pilot abilities, IG-88s can be a handful to deal with. IG-88C is a great variant, being able to perform a free evade action after performing a boost. This can get you into range 1 of your targets, all the while boosting your defenses with an evade token. Collision Detector

With his boost action ability, IG-88C will want to boost frequently, so a Collision Detector will be clutch. Since a large based ship boosting takes up a lot of space, you may overlap an obstacle or two. Being able to ignore the effects of obstacles, as well as boost onto them, will keep IG-88C very mobile.


Partnering up with IG-88C, IG-88D will add even more maneuverability to these deadly droids. IG-88D allows you to perform a Segnor’s Loop, utilizing wither its normal bearing, a hard turn bearing, or even a straight if you so choose. This adds some unpredictability to this large based ship. Advanced Sensors

Being a red maneuver, your Segnor’s Loops might prevent you from using action, but not with Advanced Sensors. This sensor upgrade allows you to perform an action before you reveal your maneuver, allowing you to take advantage of a boost, free evade, and then a Segnor’s Loop of your choice! IG-2000

IG-2000 is a must-have for the IG-88 series, allowing them to share pilot abilities. Being able to Segnor’s Loop with a hard turn can have you outmaneuvering much smaller and nimbler craft. Also, being able to boost before your maneuver with Advanced Sensors can have your IG-88s all over the battlefield!

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