Paint Treads & Metals In Minutes With a Sponge

sponge weathering

Don’t miss some super easy painting techniques to make your models look great in this sponge weathering tutorial that can save you time hobbying.

On our Twitch stream, hobby man Rob Baer is bringing you another painting tutorial that will give you some clutch weathering techniques for your tanks, using sponges. Aimed at hitting the exhaust ports, tank treads, and contact points will add a battle-hardened feel for the Imperium’s finest vehicles.

Artemia Pattern Hellhound DKOK

Editor’s Note: Twitch now deletes old VODs of past shows, but this tutorial lives on in our Patreon Archive in case you missed it live, or when it was available on Twitch.

sponge weathering

To start off, we want a metal-based color to create a nice chipped paint feel. Over a base of whatever brown you desire (in this case Reaper Harvest Brown with Black fades), you will sponge on metal weathering detail.

That can be achieved with Army Painter Plate Mail. For your sponge, you can use pluck-foam Rob prefers 3-4″ long 1/4 pieces. Get some of the Plate Mail paint on your sponge, dab it off on a paper towel, and begin dabbing it on your model.

You are using this technique to save you time so you don’t have to go in with your brush and paint metal portions all over your tank. Make sure you give your hand enough space with your foam so that you can control it properly. Hit the tank treads and the fuel tank, paying attention to the raised areas and even the studs on your tanks.

sponge weathering

Next, grab another piece of pluck-foam sponge and use Army Painter Black to dull down the bright metal from your earlier weathering. Pay special attention to the spots that may have gotten a little too much metal to keep your weathering realistic. This addition of the black weathering will add depth to your tank.

To finish up this model, add some bright colors to the viewports and targeting equipment. Rob likes to use a fine brush and some P3 Necrotite Green mixed with Iosan Green. To finish off the viewports, add some Flash Gitz Yellow to bring it all together.

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