Release The Kraken With the Ataken Kickstarter!

By Tim Roberts | January 9th, 2019 | Categories: Board Games, Game & Hobby Products, Kickstarter

Kraken Ataken Kickstarter

Man the sails and load the cannons as you prepare for a pirate adventure like no other in this new board game Kickstarter!

This party board game is an unrelenting barrage of high seas adventure as you take on the mightiest monster in the dark depths the mighty Kraken.

Kraken Ataken Board Game Kickstarter:

Kraken Ataken Kickstarter

Near, far, wherever you are welcome aboard the Kraken Ataken Kickstarter campaign! We have the greatest party board game for old seadogs and novice landlubbers alike. Beautifully designed, packed with action and tricks and fully finished, waiting for your support! Yo ho ho!

You will love this game if:
– you enjoy planning successful ambushes
– you are not afraid to compete for your treasures
– you like to mess with your friends and their plans
– you are looking for a game that takes a minute to set up
– you want a game that is language independant and easy to teach
– you enjoy always having a trick up your sleeve!

Kraken Ataken Kickstarter

Kraken Ataken features:
– 15 minute quick party gameplay
– colorful arts and miniatures
– complete language independance
– RULEBOOK in 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Polish)
– tricks, bluffs, parley and backstabbing
– 2-5 kraken competition

Kraken Ataken Kickstarter

This new Kickstarter looks like it would be the life of the party. Make sure you visit the Kraken Ataken Kickstarter and see if this one is right for you today!

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