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By Tim Roberts | January 19th, 2019 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Storage Cases


Come and see a great way to keep your miniatures looking great for any game system (or board game even) with these storage solutions from Feldherr.

Hobby strong this new year and let Feldherr keep those minis looking fresh with these great storage solution options! Whatever need you have, they probably have a solution for you!

Feldherr MAXI bag for 124 miniatures59,99







This comfortable bag is ideal for storing and transporting your army’s infantry troops. It is perfectly suited for many Games Workshop models with 32 mm base from Warhammer 40.000, Age of Sigmar, Middle-Earth and also Blood Bowl. Warriors, heroes and monsters from other tabletop and board game systems will also find a safe home here.

The set contains:

1 Feldherr MAXI bag

2 Full-Size foam trays each with 32 compartments (FSMEDS045BO)

2 Full-Size foam trays each with 30 compartments (FSFJ045BO)

1 Full-Size foam topper

You can even combine a few smaller games into one convenient space with this great build a bag option and choose any foam tray you like!

Feldherr MAXI custom bag – 180 mm Full-Size foam trays of your choice: 57,99






The MAXI bag is ideal for the safe transport of complete tabletop or board games, large armies and other vast miniature collections.

It can be filled with Full-Size as well as Half-Size foam trays.

Here’s how it works:

1. Select the desired Full-Size or Half-Size foam articles in our online shop. Note the article number, e.g. FS035BO. The first three digits of the article number indicate the height of the mat in millimeters. In our example, the foam tray FS035BO is 35 mm high.

2. Enter the article number in the “Tray 1” input field. If you want to order a foam tray several times, please note the quantity in front of the article number like this: 2 x FS035BO.

3. Enter the next desired article in the following field “Tray 2”. Proceed until the total height of 180 mm is reached.

4. If there are not enough input fields available, simply enter the additional mats separated by a “/” in the last field, e.g. HS020BO / HS005B.

5. Label unused input fields with “none”. Please note: All fields must be filled in before you place your order.

6. To finish, click “Add to Cart”.

These affordable cases from Feldherr are a great way to keep those minis looking great! Make sure you visit their site to see what they have to offer your wargaming experience!

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