Thrawn & Snoke: Star Wars Destiny Combo

By Barclay Montgomery | January 18th, 2019 | Categories: Star Wars Destiny, Star Wars Tactics


Snoke has already proved himself to be a strong Villain character, but with Thrawn’s expert strategy, he could be ever more powerful!


This Villain deck has all of the Supreme Strategist flow that you would expect from Grand Admiral Thrawn and Supreme Leader Snoke. First off, Thrawn is an amazing control oriented Villain character. Not concerned with dealing damage, he prefers to use his supreme strategic mind the defeat the Heroes in other ways. His character ability is what makes him strong, being able to choose a number when you activate him, and then look at an opponent’s hand and discard a card from it that costs the chosen number. This gives you unprecedented control of your opponent’s hand, and can help you thin out their option to halt your onslaught. Snoke

Snoke is ever popular, and powerful, for the Villains in Destiny. His Power Action cannot be denied as it gives you even more bang for your character dice buck. With Thrawn you can grab an impressive 4 resources with his character die, giving you the resources needed to play nearly any card in the game on a whim. Supreme power indeed! Jedi Temple

To maintain the hand control of Thrawn, the Jedi Temple will be your battlefield of choice. This gives you the claim ability to look at an opponent’s hand and discard up to 2 events of your choice from it. Not only do you rid your opponent’s hand of pesky mitigation tools, but you also have knowledge of what other cards are in his hand, and use that knowledge to select your number for Thrawn’s ability. Master strategy!
Grand Moff

To make things even worse for your opponent, Thrawn will be promoted to Grand Moff. This insanely powerful upgrade gives you so many options to control your dice, and gives you strong discard and resource management. But the best ability of this upgrade is the fact that you can use the “Claim” ability on the battlefield as a Power Action, giving you the choice of removing up to 4 events from your opponent’s hand in one turn!

Separatist Landing Craft

With all of the resource at your disposal, it will be beneficial to your endgame to include a Separatist Landing Craft. This 2 cost support has nice shield and resource sides, but its special ability is what you want. This allows you to spend 2 resources to spawn a Battle Droid to add to your team. Snoke can also use his Power Action to give you powerful ranged or indirect damage out to your opponent with his Power Action as well. Give the Heroes something to fear with Thrawn and Snoke together!

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