What To Buy Next: Gloomspite Gitz Wave 1 Models

By Tim Roberts | January 15th, 2019 | Categories: Age of Sigmar Articles & News

Wondering what you should buy next for Age of Sigmar? Don’t miss Endless Spells, Squig Herd, Hoppers, Fanatics, and the Loonking unboxed and reviewed!

The newest faction for Age of Sigmar is here, but are they worth your hobby dollars?  Join us as we take a look at the Gloomspite Gits so you can decide for yourself.


First up we crack open the new Endless Spells for the Gloomspite Gitz. These spells have great detail and a lot of texture for being designed in UK, and made in China. You are definitely going to want to keep your Vallejo Plastic Putty handy for the seams on the new Mushroom Cloud mini.Screenshot_55

That being said these new spells will definitely look great when you do get them to the tabletop in any Gloomspite army!


Next up we crack open the new Squig Hoppers. This kit can be used to build either unit and has a great system that allows you to customize each squig in this ten man unit between the heads, and rider weapon arms/heads. Utilizing a triangle socket design for the legs of each squig also lets you to build each hopper/rider combo the way you want,  so each Squig Hopper has his unique look.

This is pretty new to Games Workshop mini design and is a great precedent for future releases.


The new Squig Herd kit is going to be a fan favorite for any 40k player looking to create some bomb squigs for their 40k Ork army. Overall these minis are also very customizable and sport the same triangle socket for the legs and the same face swap design as the Squig hopper kit but are a tad smaller.

Exciting times on the design side of things, indeed.


Last, but not least, we get a look at the Boss Grot himself; Skragrott The Loonking. This character is also a great looking kit from GW, however, there are no customization options for him right out of the box. You also will probably need to keep you Vallejo Plastic Putty on hand as his cloak is a few different parts and you’ll want to patch those visible seams on your finished model for sure.

From an overall hobby perspective, these new releases for the Gloomspitz Gitz are a win in our book.

As always keep those hobby muscles strong, stay in the trenches, and hit play on our unboxing video below!


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