Rebel Commander Jyn Erso Comes to Legion

Jyn Erso

A rebel with a cause is coming to the tabletop in Star Wars: Legion. This uncanny hero is going to be a fantastic option on the tabletop!

Fantasy Flight Games previewed Jyn Erso as a Rebel Commander expansion. Rebels have never really been able to bump chests with the forces of the Empire head-on. They’re all about unconventional warfare and striking the enemy in key spots. With that said, let’s see how Jyn will be playing on the table.

Jyn Erso Rebel Commander

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Jyn Erso’s military upbringing has been anything but conventional. Much of her youth was spent learning guerrilla tactics under the extremist Saw Gerrera and, since being abandoned by him, she has focused on developing only the skills that help her survive in a hostile galaxy. The sum of these experiences is a 130-point commander just as adept at avoiding damage as she is at doling it out.

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Jyn has been trained in Guerilla Tactics and has had to live the majority of her life on her own. She is always ready for just about anything. Her Quick Thinking rule gives her one aim token and a dodge token all for just a single action.

Her Danger Sense kicks in when she gets shot at and can actually choose to keep her suppression tokens. She can also roll an extra defense die for each one.

Because Jyn is so slippery and difficult to take down, she is best suited to fight along the frontlines with the rest of your men. Use her Infiltrate ability to secure early-game objectives or be a real pain in the neck for your enemy to get past while the rest of your force moves up!

Relevant in Every Scenario

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Let’s look at one of her specific cards from the expansion. Rebellious lets her make a free charge move before the enemy’s rally step (given that they’re in range and in line of sight). She can whip out her Tonfa and crack a few skulls!

If you want her to hang back some and pick off units from range, her nifty A-180 blaster can pierce a successful block!

If you’re playing in a wide-open game where stepping out from cover is a death sentence, you can upgrade her pistol to a rifle.

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Given, the weapon isn’t as accurate this way. However, you can mitigate that with any aim tokens you’ve managed to pick up. You’ll still be able to lay down some fire and keep your men in check from anywhere on the battlefield.

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Speaking of keeping her men in check, let’s check out what she does for those around her with Complete the Mission.

…she becomes even harder to hit, giving her the perfect opportunity to make a last ditch effort for an objective. The three trooper units she orders, meanwhile, become emboldened by her heroics.

The units she orders the command to get into better cover and refuse to back down no matter the odds.

Ultimately, Jyn is a Rebel Commander that knows how to handle herself as well as bolden those who are fighting alongside her. She can cause a real hiccup in the enemy’s mission by soaking up a crazy amount of fire (just because she’s so slippery).

This just buys your men time to capitalize on objectives and kills. What are your thoughts on Jyn? Would you play her as a disruptive unit or have her stick close by your troops in cover?

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