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Two new Start Collecting boxes are here for Age of Sigmar, but how much can you save?  Let’s jump in and discover the latest bundle deals!

Games Workshop made an announcement a while back that their Start Collecting boxes would be going up about $10-$15 in price depending on the box. Now, even though you may not be saving as much, these still seem absolutely worth it. Check out the latest Start Collectings to hit for Age of Sigmar.

Start Collecting: Maggotkin of Nurgle $95

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The Maggotkin Start Collecting bundle has definitely gone up in price from the other $85 Start Collectings we’ve seen in the past. This box comes with:

  • Lord of Blights $25
  • Pusgoyle Blightlords $65
  • Putrid Blightkings $55

Total Cost: $145

Total Savings $50

To add icing on the cake from $50 of savings, the units you get are staples to any Maggotkin-focused fighting force. With just two more Putrid Blightkings, you’ll be able to fill out an entire Warscroll Battalion!

Start Collecting: Idoneth Deepkin $90

idoneth deepkin

Out of this Start Collecting, you’ll be getting

  • Akhelian Morrsarr Guard $50
  • Namarti Thralls $50
  • Isharann Soulrender $25

Total Cost: $125

Total Savings: $35

Idoneth Deepkin are one of the newer factions to AoS 2.0. If you were wanting to start playing a new army with some updated rules, this Start Collecting is a great place (and deal) to begin!

Where to Go After Carrion Empire

60010299016_CarrionEmpire01 (2)

Carrion Empire is a new starter set pitting the Flesheater Courts up against Clan Skryre Skaven. Of course, this box doesn’t give you quite enough minis to play a full-fledged 2,000 pt game, so where do you go next? Well, both factions have a Start Collecting box that’ll be saving you about $40-$50 a piece.

Not only are you saving money, but the boxes help you branch out into new units that are staples for the faction. For example, the Flesheater’s Start Collecting box gives you a Terrorgheist- a massive winged behemoth with Command Ability support.

death from the skies

Start Collecting: Skaven $90

sc skaven

  • Plague Furnace $62
  • Plagueclaw $33
  • Twenty-man Plague Monks $35

Total Cost: $130

Previous Savings: $50

Total Savings: $45

Start Collecting Flesh-eater Courts $90

sc FLC

  • Terrorgheist $58
  • Crypt Horrors $47
  • Ten-man squad of Crypt Ghouls $20 (base box comes with twenty for $40)

Total Cost: $125

Previous Savings: $40

Total Savings: $35

Maggotkin and Idoneth Deepkin really were in need of a Start Collecting box. Both of the factions are fantastic on the tabletop and now it’s easier than ever to get into the game with who you want to play. Will you be getting a new Start Collecting box?

Did you split the Carrion Empire with a friend? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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