Take Your Battles On The Go With Pocket Sub

By Tim Roberts | February 8th, 2019 | Categories: Board Games, Game & Hobby Products, Miniature Market

Take Your Battles On The Go With Pocket Sub

Looking for a fun game on the go? Come and see one of the latest arrivals at Miniature Market as we take a look at Pocket Sub from Alley Cat Games.

Dodge mines and takes out enemy subs in this deluxe fast-paced, pocket-sized game of nautical warfare.

Pocket Sub (Deluxe Edition): $24.99

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Pocket Sub

Welcome, Fleet Commander. Enemy forces have been spotted on our sonar. You must outwit and out-maneuver your opponents to reestablish our naval dominance.

Pocket Sub

In this abstract strategy game of nautical warfare, you will move your submarine meeples around a grid and lay mines while avoiding those set by others. The last fleet commander standing is the victor!

This Deluxe Edition includes a mini-expansion and extra meeples!

If you missed out on this amazing Kickstarter, have no fear! Make sure you visit Miniature Market and secure your copy of Pocket Sub today!

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