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LVO 2019 Porypherion

If you missed all the coverage of the 2019 Las Vegas Open this weekend, don’t miss the latest showcases from the event and a look at the awards themselves!

If you couldn’t make it to the event in Las Vegas this week, we have got you covered. Over the next few weeks we will have a ton more to show you, but today we have the latest from the event itself as well.

LVO 2019 had players from all over the country stop in and show off their most beautifully painted armies. With over 700 players in the 40k Championships alone, overall this event may be one of the biggest ever!

Just the LVO 2019 Age of Sigmar Champs

LVO Awards 2019

Custom awards await their winners from all the events at LVO 2019.

Look close. Do you see the pattern for Gold, Silver, and bronze awards in each category?

Here is a quick preview of some of the armies that were on hand at the event. Look for more in-depth features coming soon for each of these hobby masterpieces!

Warhammer 40k











Age of Sigmar




Fluffy Lists and Beautiful Paint Schemes

A majority of the players in attendance went into maximum hobby overdrive and brought some lists that haven’t popped up in the meta for quite a while. It was really cool to see all the amazing looking hobby displays and models that accompanied them.

slaanesh knight

This Slaaneshi Knight keeps on rocking!

slaanesh knight

Knight of Boom by White Metal Games

What Knight of Boom would be complete without a sound system wired in as well!

Titans seemed to be the hot models at this event with everything from a Warhound to even the might Porphyrion as well making appearances en masse.

Over the Top Display Boards

Professionally painted minis weren’t the only beautiful things at the LVO. One of a kind display boards were buck wild. Armies showed off their paint jobs to the max against other factions.

Want to talk about flexing your hobby muscles? This Titan hanger was off the chain. From snow, to gantries to even LED tech, this display has everything to make those eyes pop.


Talk about stunning this board turns heads and pulls those eyeballs in with the rich paint jobs on the Deathwatch models as well!

Terrain & Organization

The organization of the event was seamless. Everything went smooth. Games started and ended according to the schedule and there were no major uproars in the player base.



The terrain was above and beyond what we’ve seen at most events with tables ranging from hilly forests to gothic ruins, and the bottom Streaming table for Warhammer Community!

Have you made it to a Las Vegas Open event before? Are you inspired to go above and beyond on your army after seeing these minis? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

LVO 2019

2019 Las Vegas Open

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