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Love GW miniatures? Get the latest on what new releases may be previewed by Games Workshop tonight at the 2019 Las Vegas Open!

Warhammer Community is going to be hosting a new release preview tonight at the 2019’s Las Vegas Open.

We can’t reveal anything about this year’s LVO preview yet, save that it’s going to blow you away, whatever you collect. The preview will be held on Thursday night in Las Vegas…

 Before we jump into some of the things that we may see previewed, let’s go over what we saw revealed last year.

2018’s LVO Reveals

xenos codex

Around this time last year, we saw three codexes get announced. Necrons, Tau, and Dark Eldar.  Looking at 2019, we’ve still got factions that could get a codex. One example being the Ynnari, or perhaps we’ll see the long-rumored Space Marines 2.0 codex?

As for the Mortal Realms, and the Daughters of Khaine emerged on the scene for the first time!

daughters of khaine 5

The Daughters of Khaine are an army of religious fanatics, combining the cruelty for which their predecessors in the World-That-Was were known with unbreakable faith in Khaine and their queen, Morathi. 

Games Workshop put a ton of work into the faction as all of the models shown were new sculpts that were released as a fully functional fighting force.

Malign Portents was also addressed for AoS as a global campaign that consists of three Chapters. These Chapters unfolded over the course of six Weeks.

In Dread Solstice, every choice has consequences, not just in terms of new rules or the ongoing story of the campaign, but for the Mortal Realms as a whole. Just as the Seeds of Hope from 2017’s Season of War campaign have transformed into an important part of the story of the Age of Sigmar, so too will the decisions you make in this campaign influence the future of the Mortal Realms for years to come.

This campaign was interactive to the AoS player base. Players could participate in events. Depending on which faction won, where the battle was located, etc. would dictate the progression of the campaign!

Errata & FAQ

Just like 40k, Age of Sigmar got a more predictable set of updates for the game. No one however could have guessed that the game would be getting a re-boot to 2.0 just months later in the early summer of 2018!

GW gave us a schedule on when we could expect FAQs and changes post-Battletome release.

Firstly, every battletome will receive an errata document two weeks after release, dealing with any ambiguities that emerge and helping to make sure that your games run as smoothly as possible. Subsequent to this, bigger rules changes will be handled through more encompassing FAQ documents released every January and July, each in time for the upcoming tournament season.

Finally, each year will see a new General’s Handbook for you to enjoy, packed with content – including new ways to play, allegiance abilities for factions which lack them, battleplans and matched play points profiles. In short, you’ll be able to benefit from regular, consistent updates to the game you love without having to worry about sudden major changes.

To keep things exciting in the game, they also announced that every year, there would be a new General’s Handbook that would be packed with content for your games. We’re waiting to see 2019’s book now!

Warhammer: Underworlds Shadespire

fireslayers shadespire

This time last year, we saw the Fyreslayers get previewed as a new Warband coming to Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. Keep in mind, we’ve already progressed into a new Chapter of Warhammer Underworlds called Nightvault. Could we see some new supplements like extra cards or more playing boards? We’ve seen Mollog’s Mob and the Godsworn Hunt releases and currently there looks to be only TWO more on deck for Nightvault.

Sylvaneth’s Woodsman

NV trailer 3

The Sylvaneth left their forest and are coming into the Nightvault as well. What could be their motive of creeping down into the depths of Warhammer Underworlds? The same theme follows here, it looks like the main lady in the back is going to be a caster, while her band of fighters are specialized in their own weapons.

Kharadron Spelunkers

NV trailer 4

Kharadron Overlords are going to be a little out of place without their flying contraptions! They are still Dwarves at the end of the day. The Kharadron are probably completely okay with creeping through dark corridors below the ground.

What’s in Store for LVO 2019


A whole host of games are going to be played as well as a live stream at the top tables. You can get a first-hand look at the bruiser lists spotted at the event. Of course, to give you an idea on where the meta is going. The Warhammer team will also be giving an inside look at what’s on the way to the shelves.

LVO has always been an incredible opportunity for us to meet the wider Warhammer fandom in person. For the last couple of years, we’ve treated fans to a world-first look at what’s coming next for Warhammer with the now-famous Studio Preview, and 2019 will carry on that fine tradition.

Chaos Everchosen Archaon Wal Horz

We are still digesting all of the previews that were spotted from the Horus Heresy Weekender. But it looks like another wave of previews from GW is on our way.

We can’t reveal anything about this year’s LVO preview yet, save that it’s going to blow you away, whatever you collect.

Could Vigilus get the Spotlight?

vigilus 2 rumors

With word on Vigilus being quiet for quite a while, we noticed Marneus’s status report on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook Page  It sounds like the Ultramarines are paving a path to victory on the already-claimed lands whether by Xenos or by Chaos. However, he’s showing worry about what’s to come. If this isn’t textbook foreshadowing, we don’t know what is!

We know the clock is running down for the world to be taken by Haarken in 80 days. Plus, the LVO is one of the last major events before his time is up! Would you like to see Chaos (and more specifically Black Legion) get more models?

Ultimately, no matter what games you play, you may want to check back with us tonight. We will be breaking down everything that gets revealed at the event. Keep your eyes peeled on some last minute rumors to pop up as the event kicks off!

What do you think will be revealed at the LVO? Will there be something for everybody at the event? Could a second book for Vigilus be announced? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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