40k Assassins Index Rules Revealed in March White Dwarf 2019

40k Assassins Index Rules Revealed in March White Dwarf 2019

New rules for Warhammer 40k are here. Assassins get their Index, plus tons of hobby content, an Age of Sigmar Battle Report, and more!

Come and join us as we sink our teeth into the newest edition of White Dwarf 2019! This tomb of hobby goodness brings us the Index Assassins plus a ton of great hobby content like a fun Age of Sigmar battle report,  GW Paint Splatter from the Evey Metal team, and more.

White Dwarf March 2019: $9


Key Features

  • Guest edited by renowned loremaster Phil Kelly
  • Includes an epic four-way Battle Report fought between four different factions
  • Packed full of new rules, short stories, regular columns for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000 and much more besides


Hobby Related Contents:


White Dwarf seems to be hitting it’s stride this month, as it is packed full of great hobby content. The new layout means that every game has its place in the issue as well. So it is easy to find what you are looking for. This month you not only have the Index assassins but great content for Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Underworlds, Blood Bowl, and more.

Age of Sigmar Battle Report:


The March White Dwarf has an interesting 4 player battle report with With everyone being represented. The Forces of Order, Chaos, Destruction, and Death set the stage for what looks like a massive free-for-all no holds barred battle royal. These battle reports, though maybe not the most competitive, always look fun and are a great addition to the White Dwarf.

Index Assassins:


Is this what you came to see? The new Index Assassins is not only rules and Stratagems, but also fluff and lore about the Imperial Assassins too. Make sure you check out our video below as Rob Goes over this new Index page by page and give you some tips on how to utilize these new Assassins rules in your next game of Warhammer 40k.

Overall the new White Dwarf is a good issue, and if you play Imperials for Warhammer 40k then it is worth picking up for sure.

As always, keep those hobby muscles strong, stay in the trenches, and check press play on our White Dwarf Review video below!


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