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By Tim Roberts | March 21st, 2019 | Categories: Dungeons & Dragons, Game & Hobby Products, RPG

Adaptable NPC

Don’t miss a great way to forgo the NPC creation process and keep your head in the game with this new supplement from DMs Guild.

Creating non-player characters for your world of wonder can be fun but sometimes you need a custom NPC on the fly to keep the game session rolling. We found a great supplement on Dm’s Guild that can help you stay in the game and get more out of your sessions. Let’s take a look.

Adaptable NPCs (PDF): $9.95

Adaptable NPC


Adaptable NPC


Adaptable NPC


Dungeon Masters, immerse players in your world by bringing your non-player characters to life!

Contained within this supplement are 70 NPCs with unique statblocks (created by the team behind the best-selling Grimlore’s Grimoire), each NPC contains custom art, lore, and a stat block balanced for the 5e Challenge Rating system.

Additionally, 8 short adventures have been included. These adventures have been created for Dungeon Masters to introduce their players to some of the Adaptable NPCs with minimal preparation. Each adventure has high-resolution printable battle maps created by Justin Andrew Mason (DM & Player versions are included), an adventure background, a recommend party level, and room descriptions with encounters (both combat and roleplaying) utilizing NPCs from this supplement and the 5e monster manual. Note: The maps have been included as an additional download in a seperate .zip file.

This new supplement will come in handy any time you need a quick character in a pinch. Make sure you visit the Dm’s Guild to see all the amazing content that they have to offer today!

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