Chaos 40k Models That Are Missing From Shadowspear Box!

By Rob Baer | March 20th, 2019 | Categories: Chaos, News / Rumors, Vigilus, Warhammer 40k

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Don’t miss what new 40k Chaos models are still out there as there’s a lot of new release previews that are not from the minis in the Shadowspear box set!

There are roughly half of the rumor Daemon engines previewed that haven’t turned up. All of the Shadowspear units are coming in the form of fixed-kits. Meaning there’s no weapon customization etc. However, could some of these rumor Daemon engines be pieces of the multipart kits coming out later on for these units?

Rumor Daemon Engines Left Standing

bols bit 4

After all of the previews for rumor Daemon engines, these are the bits leftover that we haven’t seen the models to. Check out what we think could be coming in multipart kits further down the release lineup from GW.

Multipart Venomcrawler

chaos venom crawler

rumor engine 2-28-19

rumor engine 2-18-19

Let’s Pluck these two rumor Daemon engines from the list first. We can see some of the signature details from the Venomcrawler in the background. Looking at the leg, we’re not sure why the kit would need slightly-different looking plating. Except for the potential fact of another type of Venomcrawler coming (something similar to Maulerfiends/Forgefiends).

The turret looks to be mounted on the railing at the apex of the Venomcrawler’s hump. Maybe this will be something like a Lascannon/shooty Venomcrawler to contrast the melee-focused version we’re getting in Shadowspear.

Dark Apostle Kit

dark apostle

rumor engine 2-21-19

vigilus ablaze unit

With a combination of rumor daemon engine bits as well as what was spotted on the cover of Vigilus II standing next to Abaddon, we think this might be a new Dark Apostle. The kit is currently sold on GW’s website. Maybe the next time it gets back in-stock, we’ll be seeing a new model!

Chaos Terminators

chaos terminator eye

rumor engine 2-19-19


rumor engine 2-20-19

Moving onto the Chaos Terminators, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from their models. They have autocannons in their wargear as well as trophy racks on their armor. It just so happens that all of these things were spotted as a part of the rumor Daemon engine previews.

Chaos Marines & Weapon Options

shadowspear csm

rumor engine 2-15-19

We’ve seen the Chaos Marine inside Shadowspear come kitted with an autocannon. However, this is without a doubt a new heavy bolter as well.

rumor engine 2-27-19

We can make a pretty solid guess that the Chaos Marines/Havocs will have access to this new thumper, and the autocannon above as well that is different from the one in Shadowspear! Will we see a new Havoc kit hit the shelves in the days to come with autocannons and heavy bolters no getting a rework? Let’s hope so – heck I would settle for just a new CSM kit in general with both as well!

Other Potential Kits

rumor engine 2-25-19


Khorne Berzerkers could be hiding amongst the previews somewhere too. The iconic chain axe is their personal choice of weapon.

rumor engine 3-1-19

warp talon

Warp Talons could be a real possibility in within the waves of Chaos support as well. This whole unit gets some infantry-shredding lightning finger attacks! The model on the right is actually posed very similarly to the rumor Daemon engine pic.

And there you have it! Of course, there are still some untouched rumor Daemon engine pics floating around. However, we feel the ones we talked about will be coming for those kits we suggested. Do you have any other thoughts on these bits? Which Chaos units would you like to see reworked that haven’t been confirmed? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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