GW Crushes FFG As D&D Minis Closes In On Sales Crown

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Warhammer 40k stays #1 on the Non-Collectible Game sales poll, but just as they crush FFG, D&D Minis closes in on Games Workshop…

Games Workshop is in a competitive running in the non-collectible miniature games sales segment. Titles such as Warmachine, Star Wars: Legion, Etc. But it looks like they’ve been crowned the king of the hill for the second time to close out the 2018 sales crown.

Just to clarify, what we mean by “non-collectible miniature game” is a game that’s not based around a “blind buy” mechanic like Magic The Gathering booster packs or even Heroclix.

Check out the previous polls from earlier on to help you track where we’re at now!

40k’s Finally Back On Top For 2018 Game Sales

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ICv2 hosts these polls twice a year where shop owners enter in what their most popular sales were over a certain amount of time.

Let’s take a look back at what the leading game was for Spring of 2017 (before 8th edition Warhammer 40k hit the scene)…

The Top Results of Spring 2017

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Of course, you might have thought 40k was going to be number one. Surprisingly enough, X-Wing managed to top them! Now, what in the world is just underneath 40k? D&D Marvelous Minis were in third and you hardly hear anyone talk about this line of figures when you compare it to 40k.

Turns out they may sell just as many minis at $5 each as 40k does at a much higher price tag…

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The Top Results by Fall 2017

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X-wing was still at the top with 40k maintaining second place even with 8th Edition 40k releasing earlier that year. Warmachine actually moved to third and those D&D minis dropped to fourth.

The Top Results by Spring 2018

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With the announcement of X-Wing 2.0, and a subsequent sales slump of 1.0 merchandise, 40k took the back top place and X-wing is nowhere to be found. Legion also made it’s debut on the charts for the first time as well.

Age of Sigmar crawled up into fifth place after all the hype for the new edition and rebooted factions earlier in the year as well.

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Top Result by Fall 2018

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Now, this is a chart that we’d expect. After both being “rebooted”, 40k and AoS are in first and second place from GW. 40k had a bit of a hiccup earlier on, but once it secured first place in the poll, we saw AoS make a steady climb for second as well. D&D is still selling quite a bit of their Marvelous Minis with two different Star Wars games pulling up the rear end.

Ultimately, There’s plenty of games out there that are still going strong. If 40k isn’t your thing, don’t be afraid to venture into some other tabletop avenues and explore what looks fun to you! Just because they may not be on the chart doesn’t mean they don’t have a healthy fan base!

What do you think about this list? Which game do you spend most of your time on? Which games are more popular at your hobby store? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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