GW New Chaos Space Marines & Vigilus Prices CONFIRMED

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How much will the new Chaos and Vigilius cost you? We have the confirmed pricing of all the new pre-order releases including Abaddon himself!

Sit back and put your Chaos pants on because Games Workshop is rolling out a heaping load of new releases!

Multiple retailers have already confirmed the prices for next weeks releases from GW. Check out everything that’s making its way to the shelves and see what you might want to spend your hobby $$$ on.

Abaddon the Despoiler $60


Abaddon is about to achieve pseudo-Primarch status with his new model and stats! He comes with a price tag, but we think he’ll be totally worth it.

Chaos Space Marines $60

chaos marine squad

The rank and file Chaos Marines got a new multipart kit and they look fantastic. The stats are all the same, but cosmetically, they’re ready to kick some Imperial teeth in.

Vigilus Ablaze $50

Vigilus Ablaze

Vigilus is themed around Chaos this time around. Abaddon will be giving Marneus a run for his money. It’s safe to say that if you’re playing any form of chaos, you’ll want to pick up Vigilus Ablaze.

Codex: Chaos Marines II $40

Chaos SpaceMarines Codex

The Heretic Astartes have expanded a lot since their codex was released in 2017, so we’ve given Codex: Chaos Space Marines a spruce-up! We’ve combined the previous codex with recent rules releases – including new datasheets, psychic powers, and Chapter Approved points changes – for your convenience.

Chaos Marines Datacards $15

Chaos SM Datacards

Along with a new Codex, datacards are also going to come to the faction. Get your updated “cheat sheets” to make your games easier!

Chaos Marine Dice Set $20

Chaos Noctilith Crown $50

The Noctilith Crown

Chaos players can look forward to a new terrain piece. Taken as a Fortification, the Noctilith Crown is more than just an awesome centrepiece, but a tactical lynchpin for the Heretic Astartes, giving nearby units an invulnerable save and making it easier for Chaos Psykers to cast their fell magics…

BL Scourge of Fate (HB) $27

scourge of fate

The Varanguard are the elite warriors of the Everchosen, those worthy of fighting by Archaon’s side. When treachery strikes, Vanik, one such warrior, will stop at nothing to bring Archaon’s vengeance to his foes.

Maledictions: A Horror Anthology (PB) $16

The Wicked & The Damned (PB) $16

the wicked and the damned

Drawn together by mysterious circumstances, three strangers meet in the mists of a desolate cemetery world. As they relate their stories, the threads of fate are drawn around them, and destiny awaits…

Iron Warriors: The Complete Omnibus (PB) $18

iron warriors

In the dying days of the 41st Millennium, Honsou’s is a name that inspires fear in all who hear it. A dread warlord of the Iron Warriors who nearly brought Ultramar to its knees, this omnibus contains his story, from his ascension to his plans for vengeance…

Perditions Flame (AB) $17.50

perditions flame

A disgraced Vostroyan Imperial Guardsman huddles, alone and freezing, against a dark storm. Desperate for a chance to redeem himself, he grasps at any hope for peace. But in the Dark Millennium, the Gods offer nothing but horror…

Webstore Exclusives:

  • Horus Heresy: Descent of Angels (HB) $30
  • Horus Heresy: Legion (HB) $30
  • Horus Heresy: Battle for the Abyss (HB) $30
  • Horus Heresy: Mechanicum (HB) $30
  • Horus Heresy: Tales of Heresy (HB) $30
  • ETB Chaos Cultists $10
  • Chaos Marine Rhino $39
  • Chaos Forgefiend $68
  • Chaos Heldrake $74
  • Chaos Marine Bikers $40
  • Chaos Marines Lord $24.75
  • Vigilus Ablaze Collector’s Edition $80

And there you have it. Chaos support is coming at us left and right with a sprinkling of some Black Library books. What are you going to be picking up out of this wave of releases? Will Abaddon be able to go toe-to-toe with Guilliman? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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