Hidden in Plain Sight: More Chaos Weapon Previews REVEALED!

By Wesley Floyd | March 19th, 2019 | Categories: Chaos, News / Rumors, Vigilus, Warhammer 40k

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More sneaky new weapon previews were just spotted today as we’re seeing more and more new units still en route for Chaos Space Marines!

Warhammer Community previewed the brand new Terminator models sandwiched right in the middle of a Vigilus ablaze preview. However, that wasn’t all the wargear we have to choose from… More rumor Daemon engine may have been just spotted…

New Terminator Kit Spotted in Vigilus Preview

chaos terminators

New Kit spotted in the preview

chaos terminator

Old Terminator kit for comparison

So what’s new about these guys exactly?

  • The new kit has a power sword
  • New kit has at least one combi plasma bit (seen on Sergeant)
  • Tusks on the new kit are completely re-posed
  • Trophy racks are completely new with Space Marine helmets from different Chapters displayed
  • The Sergeant from the new kit has ornamental horns mounted on the top of his armor

rumor engine 2-20-19

  • Power fist looks to be part of an older rumor Daemon engine
  • Pauldrons on the new kit look to be reworked and scaled differently

Chaos veterans from back in the day may remember how much of a pain it was to convert the Terminators into having the correct wargear you wanted them to have. However, it looks like there’s a kit that’s about to surface loaded with different options. Terminators aren’t just getting new models as a part of their support either! They are actually getting their own specialist detachment that shatters enemy morale.

GW Shows Off More Wargear For Terminators

iron warrior preview

Spotted inside an Iron Warriors faction focus for Vigilus Ablaze, there was a Terminator squad that had new wargear different from the first showcase.

terminator preview

See those lightning claws there in the middle of the crowd?


rumor engine 3-1-19

We initially thought that these lightning claws would go to something like a Warp Talon squad. However, it turns out it’s just another bit of wargear for the new Terminator kits. Now, all hope isn’t lost! We know that lightning claws are lightning claws.

There could still be a Warp Talon unit lurking in the shadows somewhere! (the paint design on the hand looks to be different from the Terminator, wink wink).

rumor engine 2-25-19

We’ve still got this mysterious chain axe to spot in the coming previews… unless, it is right here in the first preview as well:

new chaos bits space marine

Will this go to a Khorne Berzerker or is it right there hidden in plain sight? Let us know what you think in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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