INFINITY N3 Third Offensive & Beyond Coldfront Unboxing

By Barclay Montgomery | March 26th, 2019 | Categories: Infinity, Product Review, Unboxing, Videos

INFINITY N3 Third Offensive & Beyond Coldfront Unboxing

Don’t miss a look at the INFINITY Third Offensive expansion book, as well as Beyond Coldfront expansion box and exclusive figure!

Infinity is a 28mm scaled skirmish game set in the near future with a lot of factions that you may recognize.

This unboxing features two separate pre-made armies that you could field against each other to get started on your Infinity games quickly and easily!

All of the books have amazing illustrations and have all the rules you need to get started in Infinity. Included in the books is the intricate backstory about the Infinity universe to include sections on each faction. The graphics are very well done and have rules for fire teams and sectorial armies and have new rules contained within. Definitely worth a read!

On to the miniatures themselves! These well-packaged miniatures are nice and snug in their cardboard boxes. These finely detailed pewter miniatures are well cast. Sometimes the miniatures are in little baggies, especially for the smaller minis and parts. The models from the Infinity lineup are for expert hobbyists only since they require some modeling skill that may be on par with Forge World resin in some regards!

These miniatures can be a little difficult to put together since there are no assembly instructions included in their boxes. The models are well made but have a little extra flash on them that needs trimming due to the molding process. Grab your hobby metal file tool and file down the spots that have the metal burs from the extra flash. Make sure to file in one direction only or you will serrate your models!

With all the minor drawbacks, the models do fit together very well. Work out your hobby muscles and go for the expert mode with Infinity and their new releases this spring!

Models provided for promotion and review!

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