Paint Your Feculent Gnarlmaw With Spider Web Effects!

By Hellfire Hobbies | March 28th, 2019 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Hobby Hacks, Hobby Products

Painted Feculent Gnarlmaw With Spider Web Effects!

Check out my new converted Nurgle Feculent Gnarlmaw terrain piece. It’s painted using the awesome new toys and infested with spiders!

Despite my non-existent posting for the last couple of months, I am still painting a lot of models. I’m currently painting a Nurgle army that includes everyone’s favorite tree: the Feculent Gnarlmaw.

Spider Infested Feculent Gnarlmaw

I was about to call my converted Feculent Gnarlmaw done, but then I remembered a couple of months back, my friends and I bought some goodies from Green Stuff World and I had the Spider Serum lying around.  Basically, you shoot that through the airbrush and wham bam, you have spider webs at the ready.

Spider Serum 4.45 €

With Spider Serum you will able to create a web of tangled plastic filaments which will recreate a very realistic spider web and aging effect to your sceneries, diorama, and models.

For airbrush use only.

So I figured, you know, might as well give it a try.

Spider Infested Feculent Gnarlmaw


Spider Infested Feculent Gnarlmaw


Spider Infested Feculent Gnarlmaw

Let me be very honest, I had n0 idea what I was doing. I only bought the Spider thing serum because Arno said he was buying it and it looked cool. The impressionable neighbor that I am, I also bought it.

I watched the YouTube video GSW put online (not the whole thing either, I skipped to the “we’re spraying the thing with webs” part).

If you watch the video they build a big structure around it. I thought the branches of the tree would be enough for what I wanted so I didn’t bother with this. If you want to go for a thicker coat of webs look, you most def want to have some sort of frame to lay the webs on.

Spider Infested Feculent Gnarlmaw

This is one such example. If I added a frame between the root and the ground, it would’ve looked much better and a lot more realistic. Ok fine it’s a green-glowing tree growing out of a port-a-potty, but as realistic as it gets.  Now, without the frame, it just falls flat on the base.

If you are to buy the Spider Serum, make sure you buy 2 Cleaner solutions for 1 Serum pot. You really want to clean your airbrush thoroughly after putting the spider juice in there, so the more the merrier. You save a lot more money buying a 5 dollar cleaner than buying a new airbrush after each use.

And, in the same order of idea,  the cleaner is potent stuff and melted through the solo cup I use for discarded airbrush paint and cleaning solution.  Ye haveth been warned.

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