More Top Crystal Brush Painting Entries: Adepticon 2019

More Top Crystal Brush Painting Entries: Adepticon 2019

Want a second pass at all the Crystal Brush entries at Adepticon 2019? Check out these masterpieces that made it to the cases!

If you haven’t seen the first viewing of entries set for the Crystal Brush painting competition at Adepticon 2019, make sure you start there first!

These are a closer look at even more of the beautifully-painted minis and busts.

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More Entries in Crystal Brush Paint Competition: Adepticon 2019

crystal 1


crystal 2

Frozen in time, the warrior is on his last breath watching an Angel come to take him into paradise. The metallic detailing on the plates is unreal!

crystal 4

crystal 3

This Barbarian has had enough of this Dragon running amuck in her village. She’s just about to end it once and for all.

crystal 6

Ever seen Sean Connery as a Templar? Well, here he is! The fabric detailing on this bust is so realistic it looks like he stepped right out of the past.

crystal 7

This bust brings a whole new meaning to the word “Angelic”. Get a closer look at the fade on the wings.

crystal 8


crystal 9

This is the knight that stalks the lava-ridden wastes. He looks like he’s ready to kill off another red dragon.

crystal 10

This Assassin has all of her highlights done right!

crystal 11

Teenage Mutant Ninja Orks are making a name for themselves in the display cases. This paint style is so different from most of the entries. But that doesn’t make it any less cool!

crystal 13

These golden armored Blood Angels are turning heads as well. Notice the freehand work on their shoulder plates and tabard.

crystal 7

The Monkey King was spotted flying on his magical cloud! The glow effect on the paint really captures his mystic ways.

crystal 15

This guy is one angry bust! Every detail has been paid attention to. Right down to the freehand scratch marks in his armor.

What do you think about these entries for the Crystal Brush paint competition? What’s been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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