New Black Library: Drachenfels, Obsidian & More

By Tim Roberts | April 7th, 2019 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, Black Library, Games Workshop, Warhammer 40k


Even more great books are here from Black Library, as Drachenfels, Obsidian and more headline the lore side of things this week from GW!

Keep tabs on your favorite factions and characters from the worlds of Warhammer with this week’s new release titles.

Drachenfels: $ 16.00


Detlef Sierck, the self-proclaimed greatest playwright in the world, has declared that his next production will be a recreation of the end of the Great Enchanter Drachenfels – to be staged at the very site of his death, the Fortress of Drachenfels itself. But the castle’s dark walls still hide a terrible secret which may make the opening night an evening to remember!

A classic Warhammer novel returns to print in a brand-new edition under the Warhammer Horror imprint, and includes a new introduction by the author.

Written by Kim Newman writing as Jack Yeovil

Requiem Infernal:  $ 27.00


The Adepta Sororitas of the Last Candle have stood vigil over their sanctuary world for centuries, striving to decipher their founder’s tormented visions. Outsiders are unwelcome… yet still they come.

Decimated by an encounter with a lethal xenos entity, the survivors of an elite Astra Militarum company have journeyed to the Candleworld in search of healing, escorted by a woman who is no stranger there – Sister Hospitaller Asenath Hyades, who turned her back on the order decades ago.

As the seekers near the sect’s bastion, malign forces begin to stir among the planet’s storm-wracked spires, but the most insidious shadows lie in their own souls.

Written by Peter Fehervari

Obsidian: $ 3.99


Even in Shyish, the benighted Realm of Death, life goes on. Life of a sort, anyway… Within the kingdom of Nulahmia, ruled by the Blood Queen Neferata, two rival vampire families may yet join as one – for the heirs to their thrones have fallen in love and would be wed. When Karya Treveign and Evered Halorecht seek Neferata’s blessing, the Blood Queen sees an opportunity to further her own plans, and a wedding is arranged… one destined to end in tragedy.

Written by David Annandale

This story is also available in the anthology Gods and Mortals.

These upcoming releases are going to be a must have for all you lore hounds out there. Score these titles today from The Black Library and check back next week for the latest.

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