New Forge World, Slaanesh & Clone Wars Releases LATEST

Heresy Lab's Heresy Girls 2.0 Kickstarter FUNDED!

Were you completely engrossed in Adepticon news all weekend? Well, here’s what else happened in the hobby while you were away!

We’ve got the biggest announcements for the tabletop hobby, with our expert commentary that you may have missed over the weekend while you may have been relaxing.

Chaos Lord Discordant: Next Week’s GW Releases REVEALED!

     lord discordantThe most sinister Chaos Marine is on his way to rule your Daemon Engines! Next week’s release is the Lord Discordant, check out the latest! Read More

Creature Caster Unveils “Not Slaanesh” Models at Adepticon

Matriarch's of Ecstasy Creature CastersLike Slaanesh? Creature Caster has been working hard on a new model line recently, and they announced the new Matriarch and Patriarch models that’ll be for each “faction”. Read More

GW Reveals New Slaanesh Keeper of Secrets & More

daemonette close up chaos demon hor walIt’s happening! A new Keeper of Secrets and tons more new models for Slaanesh are on the way! Check out what’s in store for the god of excess! Read More

Heresy Lab’s Heresy Girls 2.0 Kickstarter FUNDED!

Heresy Lab's Heresy Girls 2.0 Kickstarter FUNDED!Don’t miss these amazing new minis from the creative minds at Heresylab as they just funded their latest Kickstarter project. Read More

Primarch Sanguinius & Malevolence: Forge World Pre-Orders

forge world new releases games workshop warhammer community thundehawkSanguinius is finally here! Forge World is back with all the new Blood Angels and Malevolence Book VIII for Horus Heresy! Read More

Horus Heresy Malevolence Primarchs & Legion Rules LATEST

Sanguinius primarch wal horNow that the book is officially on pre-order we’ve got the latest rules and points previews for you from Horus Heresy book VIII Malevolence. Read More

New Pics of Clone Wars Legion Painted Minis SPOTTED!

Screenshot_830Come and see the next chapter in Star Wars Legion as we take a look at the new Clone Wars Starter from Fantasy Flight Games. Read More

Sisters of Battle Giveaway & 2019 Announcements LATEST

sister wal horWanna win the new Sisters of Battle models? GW just dropped more SoB Announcements for 2019, and you don’t want to miss this! Read More

New Sneak Peeks For Warhammer 40k Apocalypse

shadowsword 40k apocalypseWe’ve uncovered a few tidbits that 40k players may find interesting about the recently announced 8th Edition version of Warhammer 40k Apocalypse! Read More

Primarch Abaddon?? & Master of Executions Rules REVEALED

abaddon walpaper chaos horHow good is Abaddon now? Check out this primarch lite, and the Master of Executions makes his debut for Chaos. Don’t miss their new rules for Warhammer 40k! Read More

Ynnari Getting New 40k Rules: APR White Dwarf Preview

ynnead ynnari yvrane yncarne eldar aldariDon’t miss this! Eldar’s Ynnari have some support on the way as the last faction to get updated in 8th will be getting new rules in May’s Index Xenos! Read More

Future of 40k: The Upcoming 2.0 Codex Books

With all of the Chapter Approved changes, FAQs, and errata in Warhammer 40k, when will we see other factions get their second edition codex book? Read More

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