This is the Best of Adepticon 2019

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Couldn’t make it to Adepticon 2019? No problem! We’ve got you covered with a recap of the best of the best at this year’s event!

We’ve got some of the best looks at the Warhammer hobby, and Painting competitions from Adepticon 2019. Along with our expert commentary, that you may have missed over the weekend while you may have been relaxing, or at the event itself!

More Top 40k Team Tournament Armies: Adepticon 2019

Don’t miss the top Warhammer 40k armies that looked great even without an extravagant display at the Adepticon 2019 team tournament. Read More

New Pics of Clone Wars Legion Painted Minis SPOTTED!

Screenshot_830Come and see the next chapter in Star Wars Legion as we take a look at the new Clone Wars Starter from Fantasy Flight Games. Read More

Top Adepticon 40k Team Tournament Displays

adept display 19Look for inspiration for your next hobby project? Don’t miss these amazing army Warhammer 40k army displays from Adepticon 2019. Read More

Top Crystal Brush Painting Entries at Adepticon 2019

Don’t miss what some of the best painters from across the globe brought to the Crystal Brush painting competition this year at Adepticon! Read More

Top Creature Caster Resin Beast Entries: Adepticon 2019

resin beast walIf you love Creature Caster minis, you won’t want to miss these entries from their Resin Beast painting competition at this year’s Adepticon. Read More

Best of Adepticon 2019 So Far…

40k knight walAdepticon is underway and we’ve seen a lot of amazing looking armies, and new model reveals so far. Don’t miss the latest. Read More

Long War 40k Doubles Top Painted Armies: Adepticon 2019

lwd 4Have you been wondering what the coolest army mash-ups were from Adepticon’s 2019 Long War Doubles tournament? Check this out. Read More

Top Horus Heresy Armies of Adepticon 2019

nightlords 2Adepticon didn’t shy away from showing the Horus Heresy from love. Check out the Legions in all their glory as they made their way to the tabletop. Read More

Top 3 Unbeatable Warhammer 40k Armies Adepticon Day 1

genestealer cultWe know you’ve been wanting to know what the top three 40k lists that pounded the meta at Adepticon so sit back and check out the full break down! Read More

Top Age of Sigmar Armies of Adepticon 2019

sylvaneth 2Adepticon had the full Age of Sigmar scene going! Take a look at what the event managed to bring in from all the corners of the globe. Read More

Best 40k Armies from Adepticon 2019 Day 1

adepticon necron 2Hey there 40k fans! We’re here showing off some of our favorite armies that we’ve seen on day 1 of Adepticon 2019 from the 40k Championships. Read More

And that’s a wrap! Don’t forget to keep your eyes glued to Spikey Bits for whatever else comes after this great event!

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