Dozens of New GW Releases Revealed, LVO 2020, Sisters & More

space-marine-terminator-walDozens of new GW releases have been revealed. Don’t miss more coming to Archaon’s forces, LVO 2020, Sisters of battle, new Black Library, and Forge World latest!

These were the biggest announcements from the wargaming hobby, along with our expert commentary from the final weekend of January! Let’s take a look at what you may have missed.

Dozens of New GW Releases Revealed, LVO 2020, Sisters & More

If you missed it, Games Workshop previewed more of their 2020 releases at LVO, the Las Vegas Open.

lvo preview

Las Vegas Open 2020

We saw a ton of previews already from GW for the 2020 release calendar at the new years open, and have been hearing a ton of rumors about new point elves, Psychic Awakening and more.

GW Announces Everchosen Supplement & 40k Chibis For Next Week

archaonHe blew up the old world, and now Archaon and the Everchosen are defending themselves from Nagash? Here comes the newest supplement for Age of Sigmar! Read More

New Black Library: Night Lords, WH Horror & More

night lordsNew releases are on the way! Necromunda, Night Lords, WH Horror and more are headlining the lore side of things this week from Black Library! Read More

GW Confirms Sons of Behemat (sort of) & More Previews!

zoats warhammer 40k blackstone fortressGW isn’t slowing down one bit. Check out what was just revealed for Blackstone Fortress, Beastgrave, and an interesting easter egg for Sons of Behemat… Read More

Forge World Reveals New Necromunda For Pre-Order!

new forge world releases games workshop wal hor warhammer communityForge World updated their pre-orders section again. With Necromunda getting some focus with Dark Uprising, there’s a new character on the way as well. Read More

Custodes 2.0 Codex? Probably Not…(Here’s Why)

adeptus custodes new 8th edition warhammer 40k wal horRecently an Adeptus Custodes 2.0 codex was rumored, and the internet is already jumping to conclusions. It’s probably nothing new and here’s why. Read More

And that’s it! Don’t forget to keep your eyes glued to Spikey Bits for what else the gaming world is throwing at you this week.

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