How Big Are They? Sisters of Battle Wave 1: Unboxing

By Tim Roberts | January 20th, 2020 | Categories: Warhammer 40k

sisters of battle unboxingThey are finally here! Don’t miss our unboxing of the 40k Sisters of Battle Wave One Models. Plus we compare them to the army box models and more!

This week wave one of the new Sisters of Battle models finally hit the shelves. We take a look at all the Adeptus Sororitas and break down the values so you can see if these new minis are worth your hobby dollars.

Adeptus Sororitas Dice: $35

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Sister Wave 1 VidFirst up this week is the Adeptus Sororitas Dice. These new dice come in at $35 and caught a little flack from the internet for being hard to decipher.  All that aside they look great and roll as good as to be expected from the GW line of custom army dice.

The Triumph of Saint Katherine: $110

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Sister Wave 1 VidNext, we take a look at the largest of the Sisters release so far, the Triumph of Saint Katherine. This model is interesting to say the least and resembles more of a Diorama than a game piece. All the individual miniatures on this kit are the computer slice minis and don’t have a lot of possible options. Once assembled though, the are quite striking!

Battle Sisters Squad: $60

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Sister Wave 1 Vid

Up next is the new multi-part troops choice for the Sisters of Battle. This kit has a ton of parts and even more pose-ability options. This kit will allow you to get the most out of your Sisters and if you build multiple boxes, no mini should look really the same.

Sister Wave 1 VidHere we see one of the new Sisters of Battle (Right) next to one from the Sisters of Battle Army box (Left). As you can see these are way more dynamic and has a lot more detail.

These new Sisters look great and we cant wait to see the tabletop full of this great army!

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