New Sisters & Ritual of the Damned Releases: FIRST LOOK

By Andrew Schrank | January 18th, 2020 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

warhammer gw store first lookEven more new 40k Sisters of Battle models are here! Don’t miss the next batch of Sister models and Ritual of the Damned that are going on pre-order today.

Multiple retailers have confirmed the next release wave from GW. Things may be appearing to get back to speed as the New Year’s second week of releases hits shelves!

Mortis EngineMortis Enging


penitent sprue 1


penitent sprue 2


penitent sprue 3







Exorcist sprue 1


Exorist sprue 2



hospitaller sprue 1


hospitaller sprue 2

Judith Eruita

Judith Eruita

junith sprue1


junith sprue 2


junith sprue 3

Ritual of the Damned

Ritual of the damned book warhammer 40k rules

Master Lazarus, Primaris Captain of the 5th Company

Dark Angels Lazarus Primaris

Primaris Master

Lazarus sprue 1


Lazarus sprue 2

Are you excited about the wave of releases, or are you waiting for some more of the psychic awakening news?

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