RUMORS & What’s Next From GW at LVO 2020 Previews

new-gw-releases-primaris-space-marineSome last-minute rumors have emerged and are making waves across the web. Could these be making their first appearance at the 2020 LVO Previews?

The Las Vegas Open brings people from all over the world annually for all kinds of tabletop games. Obvious tournaments like 40k and AoS are the heavyweights.  However, there are all other sorts of specialist games to enjoy as well. Tonight GW will be doing another preview, but what will it be?

Well with the tidal wave of rumors this morning, it could truly be anything at this point!

UPDATE: LVO has begun! Make sure you click here to check out the latest coverage from LVO 2020

Las Vegas Open 2020

Let’s take a look back at we saw last year as well as what we could see this time around in light of new rumors.


Shadowspear Box Set & New Models

The Shadowspear Box was one of the bigger announcements for 40k for the entire year of 2019.  The biggest draw to the box was that it had all new miniatures. Take a look at what was previewed:

chaos venom crawler

Arachnid Daemon Engine Venomcrawler

…the Venomcrawler is a skittering horror that provides withering infernal fire support. This thing is so saturated in the taint of the Warp that its presence thins the veil of reality itself, allowing Daemons easier access to realspace.

obliterator new 1

New Obliterator Models

chaos sorcerer

Master of Possession

new chaos marines

Scaled-up Chaos Marines

vanguard librarian

Phobos Librarian

primaris eliminators

The Meta All-Star Eliminators

Eliminators are dead-eye snipers. From concealed positions, these expert marksmen target and take out key enemy leaders, utilising a range of exotic and deadly ammunition tailored to their target.

Abaddon’s Bits Previewed in Video

abaddon primaris


abaddon primaris 3


abaddon primaris 2


Abaddon’s miniature which was later revealed well after the event

Battle Sister Bulletin & New Model

battle sisters bulletin

Games Workshop announced the Battle Sister Bulletin which we’ve been coming back to since its announcement for continuous updates on the Sororitas.

sister of battle


sister of battle bulletinThey also revealed a Sisters mini that looks to have since been reworked from its original teaser.

Everything On Age of Sigmar

blades of khorne 2GW hit up the Blades of Khorne for an overhaul showing the new Judgments of Wrath which are similar to Endless Spells, but require a Priest to “cast”.

khorne endless spells

“Endless Spell equivalent” models for Khorne called Judgements

skulltakerThe age-old named Bloodletter also got a model rework, speaking of new models. He’s still the same Skulltaker you know and love…just with a new sculpt.

 Warcry Announced: Age of Sigmar Kill Team

warcryThe Skirmish game, Warcry, was first announced at LVO. There wasn’t any real solid clue we had when we first saw the video. However, where we stand now, we found out that it’s an AoS-themed game on quick brutal combat.

…Plus all the Warcry-exclusive Warband models are usable in the Slaves to Darkness army.

Warhammer Underworlds Warband: Ylthari’s Guardians


ylthari's guardians

Sylvaneth decided to emerge from the forests for a slice of the action in Warhammer Underworlds. Being one of the newer Warbands to hit the table, we’ve also got the Ogor Hunter Warband that’s just been revealed.

Ylthari’s Guardians feature a distinct play style that takes everything you love about the Sylvaneth – durability, flexibility and magical power – and translates it perfectly into the intense, competitive scale offered by Warhammer Underworlds. If you’re looking to turn over a new leaf and fancy branching* out into a new warband, this is the one for you!

What Could We See at the 2020 LVO?

las vegas open 2020 walMoving into what could be previewed in the next bit, here are the things we’re looking forward to in 40k and AoS.

Teclis & A Handful of other Faction Minis?

teclisComing from Warhammer Community’s official announcement for what will be revealed at the 2020 LVO, they mentioned Pointy Aelves (High Aelves). We’ve seen a couple of teasers leading up this event so prepare yourself to see more than likely something similar to the Ossiarch Bonereapers reveal. 

Teclis has been seen little in the Age of Sigmar – at least, so far. Did any of his aelven races aside from the Idoneth survive? Just what is going on in Hysh? Can the Mage God forgive Sigmar for corrupting his gift? Over the next few weeks, you’ll have the chance to find out. One thing is for sure though……Teclis is back, and he’s looking EPIC. 

Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good- Tau, Death Guard & GSC Reveals?

shadowsun tauIn the realm of other possible reveals, we could be seeing more on Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good.  So far, we know three key factions mentioned in the short lore stories that have popped up over the last few days. It looks like Tau, Death Guard, and GSC will have some kind of highlight in this expansion. It’s pretty cool that GW would pile three factions that are all fighting for some higher cause- naming it “The Greater Good”.

Obviously, they threw us a bone for Tau. But nobody really saw Death Guard or GSC making an appearance until they were mentioned.

RUMORS & What’s Next From GW at LVO 2020 Previews


While Teclis might be the only confirmed reveal that’s coming from Warhammer Community at the LVO, There have also been some groundbreaking rumors that have only recently started making their way around the web (Like less than twenty-four hours ago).

Here are some of the other early rumors we may see debuted at the event!

RUMORS: The Next 40k Psychic Awakening Book Has Been Spotted!

space marines psychic awakening warhammer 40k title wal horThe next installment of Psychic Awakening rumors has been spotted, and it looks like Imperials or maybe something more Necron like is on the way soon as well. Read More

New Seraphon & Gargant Releases for AoS SPOTTED!

seraphon lizardmenMore releases for AoS look to be on the way, as new Seraphon and Gargant products have been spotted. Check out the latest for Lizardmen and the Giants.  Read More

Custodes 2.0 Codex? Probably Not…(Here’s Why)

adeptus custodes new 8th edition warhammer 40k wal horRecently an Adeptus Custodes 2.0 codex was rumored, and the internet is already jumping to conclusions. It’s probably nothing new and here’s why. Read More

With all of the possibilities out there and time running out to the big day, what do you think will be revealed at the event? What kind of support do Tau, Death Guard, and GSC all need? Will GW talk about the fresh rumors coming from shipping documents?

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