GW Previews First New Genestealer Cults 40k Rules

By Wesley Floyd | February 5th, 2020 | Categories: Genestealer Cults, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

genestealer cults kellermorphThe first new 40k rules teaser is here for Genestealer Cults, and they are off to a good start! Check out what’s new for the Primus!

The Primus is the master planner around the sewer tunnels and air ducts for the Genestealer Cults. But he’s getting even better inside Psychic Awakening.

New Genestealer Cults 40k Rules

Psychic awakening gg collectors

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As far as new rules go, GW gave us an early look at a new Primus trick on their Warhammer 40,000 Facebook. Check out why every list should include a Primus as well as the new bonus rule he’s getting!

GSC’s Primus: The Ultimate Chaperone

Necromunda Genestealer Cults Is 2018 Really the Year of the Xenos For 40k?First of all, you don’t play GSC expecting to tank enemy firepower. Your best save is something like a civilian space suit. With that said, your real strength lies in getting the first hit and being insanely mobile. And while every GSC unit has the ability to go into reserve and pop up just about anywhere, the Primus helps fine-tune that ability and “hold the hands” of your other units you bring up.

The Primus comes with an innate ability to always add 1 to hit rolls for friendly units in the fight phase. That means a majority of your dudes will already be hitting on a 2+ from that. But when he first emerges, Meticulous Planner procs, letting you reroll wounds of 1 against an enemy unit.

acolyteThe big thing that we see used in conjunction with the Primus are either Aberrant bombs or Acolyte Hybrid bombs. These are maxed-out squads full of explosive melee damage. Usually, we see picks on Aberrants and rock saws on Acolyte blobs.

For example, throwing up a Primus and twenty-man Acolyte bomb in front of a Knight… Giving them +1 to hit and reroll 1’s to wound, if all the saws make it into range, they can fairly comfortably bring a Knight to its knees. With certain tricks in the codex giving you bonuses to charge/allowing you to pop up closer than 9″, you’ll find you almost always have that awkward 20-model blob come in contact with another enemy unit.

Enter the new GSC Stratagem playing off of the Primus:

gsc stratagem the heart of the creedKeep in mind, you have to spend this Stratagem before the battle. But when you do, one Primus gets to use his Meticulous Planner ability twice. (once on two different units). This is perfect for a blob of Acolytes running into a Knight (dedicating the saws there) and something like a nearby Primaris unit/screen (putting rending claws here), you’ll be able to maximize your damage output for one unit. And that’s only if you bring one unit up from deepstrike to do work with.

If you’ve got more than one unit making it into combat around the Primus, you’ll have even more value in your favor. Just remember that Meticulous Planner only procs for friendly units that are within 6″ of himself.

Overall, for just 1CP and a required character you’ll almost always be taking in any GSC list, this Stratagem is money.

The question is, what will you be using to do work with your Primus? Do you prefer Aberrant bombs or Acolyte bombs? What other rules do you think we’ll see previewed for GSC?

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