GW Reveals More New Genestealer Cults 40k Rules

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genestealer cult wal hor RUMORS: More Genestealer Cult Codex Rules Spotted!The more new 40k rules are here for Genestealer Cults, and they are off to a good start! Check out what kind of tricks they’re bringing to the table.

Warhammer Community gave us an early look at some of the things Genestealer Cults were getting in the new Psychic Awakening book. While the preview was shorter than the Tau preview earlier in the week, there are still some highlights worth noting.

New Genestealer Cults 40k Rules

Psychic awakening gg collectors

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Before we jump into the latest, we should also look at what’s also already been previewed for the faction:

The Primus Gets His Own Stratagem

gsc stratagem the heart of the creedKeep in mind, you have to spend this Stratagem before the battle. But when you do, one Primus gets to use his Meticulous Planner ability twice. (once on two different units). This is perfect for a blob of rock saw Acolytes running into a Knight (dedicating the saws there) and something like a nearby Primaris unit/screen (putting rending claws here), you’ll be able to maximize your damage output for one unit. And that’s only if you bring one unit up from deepstrike to do work with.

If you’ve got more than one unit making it into combat around the Primus, you’ll have even more value in your favor. Just remember that Meticulous Planner only procs for friendly units that are within 6″ of himself.

Overall, for just 1CP and a required character you’ll almost always be taking in any GSC list, this Stratagem is money.

New GSC Rules Previewed For The Greater Good

gsc wal 1Genestealer Cults are getting their own version of the Space Marine “pick two rules” for their Cult-wide rules. These are called Cult Creeds and two have already been revealed.

GSC cult creed agile outridersIf you’ve got a stockpile of Bikers, you can ignore basically any penalty to hit that might come up from your end. Your mining lasers will be hitting on their flat 4+. But if you need more speed, you don’t have to sacrifice accuracy with your assault weapons after advancing either.

gsc cult creed unnatural symbiosis

For Unnatural Symbiosis, this is an OK trait to pick…Really, we can only see this in something like a fluffy/fn Psyker spam list. But based on what we’ve seen, the other GSC named cult creeds are much better. Hopefully, the GSC have a few more good picks to take for players wanting to go completely custom.

Twisted Helix Aberrants Got Better

GSC aberrant Who's Tougher In 40k Kill Team: Death Guard or GSC - Spikey BitsTwisted Helix Aberrants were already good with the exclusive Monstrous Bio-horrors strat allowing them to pile in and fight twice. Now, they’re also going to be the prime target for a new Psychic Power coming to the Twisted Helix called Mutagenic Deviation.

gsc psychic power mutagenic deviationBasically, for a warp charge of 6, you pick on an enemy Infantry unit within 12″, turning everything that targets it in melee essentially a Blood Angel. Remember, this only goes to Infantry, but it definitely a nice added bonus going against a fat Intercessor squad or even Custodes. Another prime synergy for Aberrants to lay down the hurt.

 Stratagems on Deepstrike: Hopefully  GW Doesn’t Miss the Mark

gsc stratagem prepared ambushPrepared Ambush is a cheap 1CP Strat that makes the most of a unit of Neophytes coming out of reserve. If they’re just out of range of rapid-fire, you can essentially turn their weapons into assault 2. This is nice because Neophytes can get wiped off the board fairly easy and tend not to hang around long. Especially if they come up in front of the enemy line.

With that said, deepstriking tricks are the GSC’s bread and butter. And while we’ve only seen a handful of new Stratagems coming to the Cult, hopefully, GW gives the faction a way around all the deepstrike-denial in the meta. So far, Infiltrators, Phobos Captains, and Tau Ghostkeels deny anything being set-up within 12″. And to harp on Space Marines further, they can Auspex Scan for 2CP and obliterate most GSC units arriving closeby.

There needs to be some Stratagem that allows GSC units to ignore the 12″ deny bubble and something like overwatch. It’s looking to be rough for the Cult right now…

What do you think about the new Cult previews coming in The Greater Good? Will you be bringing Twisted Helix Aberrants to your next game? Or will you be experimenting with picking two cult creed rules?

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