Repulsor Beatdown: 2020 LVO Primaris Army Showcase

lvo repulsor beatdown walThe latest vehicle in Primaris tech is the Repulsor Executioner. And at the LVO, this unit was spotted making craters in the enemy line. Check this out.

The 2020 LVO brought players from all across the world to roll some dice under one roof. With the meta healthier than ever, we saw some incredible armies from the event. Now that it’s all over, we can show special attention to some of the most beautiful armies we’ve ever seen. Let’s check out this Primaris army that wasn’t afraid to go all-in on Repulsors.

lvo las vegas open 2020Las Vegas Open 2020

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Repulsor Beatdown: 2020 LVO Primaris Army Showcase

lvo repulsor beatdown 1Going off of the terrain piece, the Repulsors, and the Stormhawks, our guess is that this is an Iron Hands list. However, taking to a more unique paint scheme, this hobbyist went with a crimson metallic layer with some grey and tan secondary colors. Pretty sweet!

lvo repulsor beatdown 2You can see some airbrush work on the armor panels with a slight off-white highlight at the cockpit and wings. Overall, this is a really crisp paint job.

lvo repulsor beatdown 3Moving into the ground force, these Intercessors are using the stalker pattern bolt rifles that sling out a brutal two-flat damage round with each shot.

lvo repulsor beatdown 4Hidden details are all over this army. You might not readily see it at first, but the Repulsor door has some claw marks on the door like it had a short run-in with a Broodlord or something. Awesome job!

Is the Repulsor Executioner secretly one of the top firepower choices to pick from for Marines? How many do you run in your 2,000 pt list? 

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