GW Cancels All Events & Closes Some Stores: COVID-19

primaris book cover hor space marine walIn the midst of the growing Coronavirus, GW just canceled all their activities and events until further notice. Check out the latest announcement they made.

Warhammer Community dropped an announcement saying that they are canceling any scheduled Warhammer events they would be hosting. This is to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus that’s just made its way around the entire globe. Check your calendars and free up those days you might have had planned to roll some dice!

GW Cancels All Warhammer Events Until Further Notice: COVID-19

warhammer events cancelledWe value the health and safety of each of you, our wonderful community and the wellbeing of our staff above all else. It is with that in mind, and with a heavy heart, we announce today that Warhammer Fest 2020 and all scheduled events at Warhammer World and the Warhammer Citadel Cafe are cancelled until further notice. The Warhammer New Hobbyist Expo will also be postponed.

If you already had a ticket for the event, don’t worry. They’ll be handing out refunds soon.

GW Closes Stores For the Virus

gw storeAs COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, we’ve also had to temporarily close a number of Warhammer and Games Workshop stores. Those that are still open may be operating unusual or reduced hours. If you’re planning a visit to your local store, we’d suggest you give them a call first or check out their Facebook page to make sure that they’re open. 

The overall threat of the virus is pretty serious these days. Because it’s so transmissible GW also declared that some of their stores would be closing and to call and see if they’re even operating before you drive out of your way.

Adepticon Previews Will Come Over the Course of Two Weekends

adepticon 2020 walWith the sad news od Adepticon being canceled also for the Coronavirus, GW has also announced that the previews scheduled for the event would still be dropping. Even though they won’t be making the announcements in front of a crowd at an event, they’ll be putting them all online over the course of a few weekends. Mark your calendars for:

  • Saturday, March 28th, 2:00 PM GMT
  • Saturday, April 4th, 2:00 PM BST

We’ll be giving you a full breakdown on what’s announced as soon as it hits the web!

For Those Who Had a Ticket to the Adepticon Preview…

necromunda wal 1If you had a ticket to a reserved seat at the GW Adepticon preview, you were supposed to be getting an exclusive mystery mini. Warhammer Community hasn’t given a clear plan on how they will be putting them in your hands. However, they haven’t forgotten about you.

A lot of you have reached out to ask us about the event exclusive miniatures you would have been picking up at these events. Well, we’re also looking at how we can give you the chance to get your hands on them. More news on this when we have it.

It’s nice that they are at least making sure everyone has the best experience, given the global circumstances from the virus…

GW Offers Online Deal & More to Keep Hobby Spirits High

angron happyLet’s face it, we’re all probably strongly encouraged (and maybe forced) to stay inside depending on where we are in the world. And to help keep our hobby spirits high, GW is offering free shipping to online orders from their website over £40 (about $50 USD).

Also, if you do find yourself stuck indoors or far from an open store – you’ll still be able to get all your Warhammer essentials with free shipping on games-workshop.com for all orders over £40 (or local equivalents, for those of you around the world). 

Whew! That was a lot we had to cover but we can all appreciate what GW is doing given the current situation. Hopefully, we’ll all stay safe and be smart with the times that we’re living in. Just crack open a few hobby projects in your free time and get those armies ready for the tables once it all blows over!

What do you think Adepticon’s exclusive seminar mini will be? What’s your current project you’re working on?

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