9 Forge World Kits GW Should Make In Plastic!

plastic thundehawkIts a brave new hobby world out there, check out the 9 resin Forge World kits GW should make into plastic versions! What are your picks?

Today we’re re-hashing an article we published by  Sepulchre of Heroes! in 7th edition.  Believe it or not, in the last 15 years Forge World has switched a bunch of their minis over into GW Plastic- The Wave Serpent, Valkyrie, Baneblade, and Drop Pod just to name a few. All of these moves have benefited pretty much everyone so why should they stop there?

9 Forge World Kits GW Should Make In Plastic!

gw stole these kits from Forge world resin to plastic2005- 2020: Forge World Resin  to GW Plastic

Here’s a list of the 9 kits that could be even better if Games Workshop made them in plastic:

Space Marine Deimos Pattern Rhino

deimos rhinoThis would go a very long way to making Warhammer 30k viable as a game everyone has access to especially from those who got their start from the Burning of Prospero box. On top of the 30k bonus, 40k fans also hold a special spot in their hearts for circular Rhino doors and slanted armor. Let’s face it, this looks way more like a battle-ready tank than the shoebox that is the current plastic Rhino.

Imperial Navy Thunderbolt Fighter

Thunderbolt New Aeronautica Imperialis Appears In The Skies From GWThe Valkyrie/Vendetta is cool and all, but some sort of Strike Fighter capacity would be excellent for the Guard. This is a classic model and should be very easy to make in plastic. It could even potentially be made available to all Armies of the Imperium. A workhorse of the skies that should be used in more games. It’s safe to say that plastic Flyer kits across the Imperium are a little sparse.

Space Marine Storm Eagle/Fire Raptor

Another 30k/40k crossover potential. While a plastic Thunderhawk would be amazing, it is probably never going to happen. BUT this is pretty close. It already has some strong similarities to the Astartes Stormraven and if this made a plastic debut, people would never have to deal with the usual warping that comes with the resin model.

Ork Squiggoth

squiggothOrks don’t get enough love, especially since the Stompa is one of the worst LoW for its points in the game. A brand new, more dynamic Squiggoth sculpt along with some new cool rules and you will see it fly off the shelves for sure. A usable gargantuan creature with endless conversion possibilities on it. Even players that don’t even use Orks would probably grab one and convert. On top of that, with a little elbow grease, it would be a dope mount for a General in AoS.

Tyranid Hierodule

tyranid hieroduleAnother beasty for the game. If anyone should have more plastic gargantuans, it is Tyranids. The Hierodule perfectly fits the bill. It’s the right size, playable in normal games, and comes in two flavors. Once again, if they got some new rules you’d have something highly effective and desired by players, especially if it is made to be their answer to Imperial Knights.

Imperial Guard DK0K

This is another one that would probably fly off the shelves. Some Death Korps of Krieg models (not just Troops) in plastic would be fantastic. It’s safe to say that they’re a bit overpriced on Forge World, but the models are so incredible. If a few kits and even a Start Collecting with these guys came in plastic, a lot more people would probably start a Guard army.

Necron Pylon/ Sentry Pylon

sentry pylonAnother Xenos force without a lot of attention. They’ve got great potential for a crossover to plastic considering that the bits inside aren’t overly complex. Looking at in-game uses, Necrons have had to fight tooth and nail for a competitive list. If this hit the game with some beefed-up rules and a plastic box, Necron players would probably run at least one in their games. It’s a great backfield objective holder that can stay relevant by shooting all-game. Just screen it with Scarabs!

Rapier Batteries

EC_Rapier_Laser_DestroyerWhy isn’t this a thing already? Seriously, it’s a one-chassis design that can mount pretty much any weapon for the occasion. It would also be super easy to magnetize and swap between loadouts. We’ve seen how popular Thunderfire Cannons are and the same could be said for the Rapier Batteries. Especially if they got a unique Stratagem that turned them into a toolbox unit.

Thunderhawk Gunship

thunderhawk wal

Reset the clock! Last but not least, what wishlist wouldn’t be complete without one vote for a PLASTIC Thunderhawk gunship model.  While the chances of this happening are slim for sure- with a new MKII design already here from 2017, you can’t blame us for trying!

thunderhawk wal hor

Hopefully, you’ve agreed with at least a few of the picks that made the list. And if you haven’t already, check out Sepulchre of Heroes‘ page for everything hobby related as well.

sepulchre of heroes

What would be your top FW unit you’d like to see made in plastic? Do you have any you’d like to see for Age of Sigmar?

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