9th Edition Chaos, Death Guard, & Thousand Sons Point Changes

chaos-point-changes9th Edition 40k points changes are here for Chaos, Death Guard, and Thousand Sons- from wargear to unit options, check out what’s gone up and down.

Spotted on Reddit from different community fans taking things into their own hands and transcribing the points in videos popping up left and right, we’ve got adjustments on some Chaos Marine factions.

Here’s the latest on generic Chaos, Death Guard, and Thousand Sons.

40k Chaos Marine Points Changes

abaddon walpaper chaos horThis first list on Chaos undivided units comes to us from War of Sigmar, who looks to have transcribed a lot already.

9th edition chaos points 1Once again, the theme is standing true for more mobile units. It looks like anything that’s fast or some kind of entry with a Jump Pack/Wings got a more heavy-handed points adjustment. DPs with wings and Lord Discordants (two fast Chaos MVPs) are going up +30pts. Another big oof in the Chaos list is the fact that Cultists are going up +2pts. 

9th edition chaos points 2For Elites, Fast Attacks, and the terrain piece, no major gut-busting changes happened. Warp Talons did go up which is sucky and surprisingly, the Helbrute (which nobody ever takes pre-9th) also went up +10pts.

9th edition chaos points 4For Heavy armor and named characters, Obliterators, Maulerfiends, and Lord for Skulls took the biggest price hikes while Kharn got a bit better actually going down 5pts.

40k Death Guard Points Changes

Death Guard Wal Hor Nurgle Death Guard Space Marine Heroes 3 SPOTTED!


9th edition death guard points 1Oof, Plagueburst Crawlers are going up +30pts. They’ve been a solid choice for Death Guard since their release. It’ll take some playtesting to see if they’re still worth their pts. Another big change is to Poxwalkers. Arguably already too expensive, they’ve gone up another +2pts.

9th edition death guard points 2Surprisingly, Mortarion only went up 20pts. From everyone we’ve talked to, we thought for sure he was going up more than that. Morty fans out there can still rock him in 9th!

Thousand Sons

thousand sons


thousand sons points 1Right at the top of the list, Ahriman in both forms, and Magnus are going up +20 pts. They’re staples (more so Ahriman than Magnus) in any Thousand Sons list and with that small of a price hike, we’re sure we’re going to see them still. Although, relatively speaking, Ahriman’s nerf was bigger than Magnus’.

Thousand Sons Sorcerers have also gone down in their base cost which means we may see a couple more in lists filling up obligatory battlefield roles.

Overall, Chaos wasn’t spared from the price hikes although some of the things that we expected to go way up were hardly touched at all. For the most part, they’re looking solid for 9th Edition. With that said, it’ll come down to how much their wargear also fluctuated and the units that you bring to make up your list.

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What do you think about all the main Chaos, Death Guard, and Thousand Sons price changes? How much more expensive has your list gotten?

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