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By Travis Pasch | July 24th, 2020 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

It’s like there’s pandemic going on or something… So War Games Con has adapted and is now holding the entire thing virtually.  The best part, it’s free for everyone! You can just tune in whenever you have time over the weekend and catch some of the most entertaining personalities in Wargaming talk about the games you love. And join in on some cool community events as well!

Wargames Virtual ConWelcome to the first Virtual War Games Con with your hosts: Nights at the Game Table!

Enjoy the virtual activities to stay connected to your fellow gamers as we have had to push War Games Con 2020 to 2021 for the safety of our attendees and crew due to COVID-19.
– Celebrate 9th Edition with our 40K challenge.
– Buy hobby goodies from the Vendor Hall.
– Support your favorite artist at the Artist Alley.
– Show off your painting talent in the painting lounge.
– Find treasures via buy/sell/trade from the Flea Market.
– Show us your AoS showdowns in the AoS challenge.
And more!

Virtual War Games Con Lineup of Events:

Flea Market: July 24-26

Flea Market

Buy/Sell/ Trade items here!
  • If you are a vendor who also has your own items to sell or trade that’s totally fine, as long as you keep your webstore separate and in the Vendor Hall.
  • For those who have a long list of items, we advise that you make use of programs such as Google Sheets and Dropbox and share the link in your post.
  • Please keep your posts up to date by deleting items as they sell. It is a waste of your time and your buyer’s time to talk about items that you no longer have available.
  • Payment and shipping is between the buyer and seller/ trader.

40k Challenge: July 24-26

40k ChallengeSend in your game picks of the new 40k! They will pick a faction winner from all the pictures. Here’s what they have to say about it:

With the release of 9th Edition, there will sure be a lot of playing going on!
Share photos of the ending outcome of your games! Tell us about it!
At the end of the event, we will determine which faction claims victory!

Painting Lounge: July 24-26

Painting Lounge

Whatcha working on?
Want to connect to other hobbyists?
Feel free to show off your wips, paint jobs, and armies here.
Feel free to also create a paint hang out via Skype, Zoom, google hangouts, Facebook rooms, etc. So that you can have a great time and paint together.
Please be sure to be inclusive. Everyone is here for the same reason- to have a good time doing the same hobby and gaming as you.

Artist Alley: July 24-26

Artist Alley

Support your favorite artists!
Buy their artwork, join their events, find a commission painter, and more!
Feel free to advertise your work, websites, social media links, etc.
Please post no more than once per day in order to ensure that all artists involved get an even chance to be seen. However, feel free to make your post into a thread throughout the day and add into the comments section if there are other things you want to announce (such as “hey I’m getting ready to stream”) FYI – you can also announce that in the group event. 

AOS CHallenge: July 24-26

AOS ChallengeEven though 40K will have a new edition release, we still have a lot of love for our fantasy players!
Share photos of the ending outcome of your games! Tell us about it!
At the end of the event, we will determine which faction claims victory!

Long War TV At VWGC: July 24-26

Long War TVWe are going to be participating in full force at the conference! To see the full Long War line up, go here! Just know, we’ll be presenting all weekend!

Here’s a quick list of appearances:


  • Friday Start at 8pm EST
  • Saturday start at 4:30 and go till 7:30pm est

Wyatt Turk

  • Saturday 5-8 Central
  • Sunday 5-8 Central

Kenny Boucher

  • Friday 2-5 Pacific
  • Saturday 11a-2pm Pacific

Ally- Hobbies For Happiness

  • Friday 5pm – TBD Pacific

Rob – Spikey Bits

  • Hobby Tutorial re-runs featuring 3 never before seen tutorials from the archives
  • Friday Starting 12pm EST
  • Saturday 12pm EST
  • Sunday 12pm EST

We hope to see you this weekend! It’ll be some good ole’ lobbying fun for all!  If you want to see their full post about the con and get all the info, go check it out here.

Virtual War Games Con

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