Help a Cat, Get the Medicat STL Files: He Protec!

MedicatMedicat jumps into action! Help a cat get through medical troubles in real life and get the files to print this awesome model-he protec!

The hobby maniacs at Reptilian Overlords are in need of help! They came out with this awesome model to help their cat Alien get through some medical troubles. This is a win-win, So don’t sit on your butt! Get this great model today.

Here’s what this model helps with:

Alien needs our help! This wonderfully sweet, cuddly, and gentle cat has had a run-in with another animal and came home with a pretty nasty leg wound that has abscessed and needs serious veterinary treatment. The vet will be putting Alien under sedation to flush out the wound and afterward, he’ll require medication and antibiotics until the hole closes up on its own. Yes, it’s a big hole about an inch across exposing his muscle and tendons.

We have until Tuesday to raise money for his treatment so I’ve created a special downloadable miniature, the Medicat, to help raise the money. It comes pre supported and ready for printing. Pay whatever you can and please spread the word to any miniature or cat lovers that you know. We’ll be extremely grateful for any contribution that you can make towards his vet bills. Thank you!

Medicat: Suggested Price: $5.00, pay whatever you can to help

MedicatThe Medicat in all its glory! Just look how cute and deadly it is at the same time.

Loaded and ready to go with all of its supplies. Nothing gets past Medicat!

Alien looking pretty and fierce! This is the cat who you can help with a donation.

It’s harder to be more snuggly than that. Nobody likes an animal in distress!

It’s not very often you get to help out and get something in return. Take the opportunity today to help this cat. We hope to see some great painted Medicats soon.

Medicat Needs Your Help!

About the Author: Travis Pasch

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