These are the Top 5 Artel W Miniatures of All Time

By Wesley Floyd | July 16th, 2020 | Categories: Artel W Miniatures, Top 10

artel W iron boss orks orktoberArtel W miniatures has been a super popular brand for hobbyists looking for just the right mix of cool model and affordability, so here’s our list of their top 5 models of all time!

Artel “W” Miniatures has some incredible high-quality resin models. They make fantastic sculpts for games like D&D as well as alternative models for tabletop games such as Warhammer 40k. This list is just from our experience going to tournaments and events. Here are the top 5 models we see used the most.

These are the Top 5 Artel W Miniatures of All Time

artel iron bossStarting off, we’ve got the Iron Boss. This massive dude is great for Ghazghkull if you’re not too keen on his new GW rework. Or, he could even be a badass Boss in Mega Armor. He’s the last thing you want to see behind (or in front of) a tide of greenskins.

flaming drakes primeNext, we’ve got the Flaming Drakes PrimeThis Elven dude is posed mid-swing, delivering the killing blow to a Daemon. Think futuristic Elven God of War!

artel dreadlordThe Dread Lord makes a sick Chaos Lord model (especially for the Night Lords). With bat wings and tattered garments, this dude looks like he’ll cripple his opponents with fear just before he takes a little off the top with that sword.

scout n recon squadThe Scout’N’Recon squad is a new take on futuristic tactical models. Each model has its own unique weapon and look. They’re ready to be loaded out for the next apocalypse.

artel the seeressThe Seeress is a really popular choice, being a much more dynamically-posed alternate to a Craftworld Farseer. She also comes with three head and weapon options for you to choose from.

These have only scratched the surface of dope minis from the Artel “W”s line. Plus, there are plenty of other great models out there that we see a ton of at tournaments that couldn’t make this list. However, from the list above, we can see how all these would see some play in games of 40k. They’re all great alternatives to some of the best meta units.

What’s your favorite mini out of the give we listed? Do you use any of these in your collection? 

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